Preacher season 3 trailer: Meet Gran’ma


A few weeks ago, there was a video poster released for Preacher season 3 and now the official trailer is here for the third season of the AMC comic book adaptation.

That first teaser was the “Angelville” motion poster that showed the returning cast (including spoiling the fact that Tulip is alive again) and new characters like Gran’ma, Allfather D’Aronique and Jody.

While the first Preacher season 3 trailer mostly deals with Gran’ma, there are still some shots of the other new characters. However, as fans of the comics know, all that really matters at this point of the story is Gran’ma.

Check out the Preacher season 3 trailer here and then we can discuss what this trailer means.

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Well, the first thing we see is Jesse and Cassidy running into the home with a dead Tulip and Jesse asking his Gran’ma to bring her back — promising to give her “anything.”

This is a change from the comics, where Jesse ended up brought back to his Gran’ma under different terms and Tulip dying due to Jesse’s estranged family. In the comics, God actually shows up to resurrect a dead Tulip and ask her, in return for the favor, to get Jesse to stop looking for him.

In this case, as fans who watched season 2 knows, Tulip died in a very different manner and it is Gran’ma who is asked to bring her back to life using the voodoo that the flashbacks last season hinted at. Remember the chicken?

What is most interesting is that, after Jesse tells his Gran’ma he will “do anything,” the trailer makes sure that people see this is from the “co-executive producer of Breaking Bad” — which to me is letting us know the dark direction this story is headed.

We then see Cassidy getting stoned, Jody with a knife gutting dinner before asking Tulip “what was it like” much to her chagrin. There was also the moment where Jesse admits he does not have the power of Genesis but plans to kill everyone — from Starr to Gran’ma — when he gets it back.

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In smaller glimpses, there is a shot of Allfather D’Aronique eating (which is disgusting if Preacher follows the comics for him), a quick glimpse at the vampire Eccarius, The Saint of Killers (another spoiler since he was sent back to Hell last season), Arseface (who comes face-to-face with the Saint in the trailer, and Herr Starr and his men on a mission.

Preacher season 3 premieres on June 24 at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.