Luke Cage season 2 binge watch review

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2. Luke Cage S2 E2 – “Straighten It Out”

While the premiere served as a reintroduction, “Straighten It Out” tries to disrupt the status quo. Like Jessica Jones‘ second season, Luke Cage seems intent on exploring estranged family dynamics. Unfortunately, I think it was done better on the former compared to the latter. Mainly because I can’t remember Mariah’s daughter even being mentioned once last year. As far as Luke’s father, his return feels more like a plot device to cause problems between Claire and Luke.

However, this episode does feature a cameo from New York Jets’ coach Todd Bowles. It’s actually pretty funny sequence, with Luke showing off his skills to a crowd of adoring fans. There’s (probably) no rule saying he can’t join the NFL, and it’s astounding Bowles would be the only coach flocking to Harlem. Luke could basically become every football team’s saving grace and it’s nice to see the show reflect on his choice to be a hero rather than cash in.

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Bushmaster works much better in “Straighten It Out” because he carries himself with a charismatic ease. Walking through the streets, he offers up a smile to some neighborhood kids playing “Luke Cage”. Even when he enters Mariah’s daughter’s shop, he perfectly blends intimidation with charm.

In a slightly more exciting turn of events, Misty is finally back at work! However, everyone in her precinct either wants to treat her with kid gloves or anger. Scarfe’s reveal as a dirty cop last season has had countless arrests thrown out the window. Nevertheless, she’s not planning on rolling over anytime soon.

Mariah and her daughter make up, which suddenly has Shades on the outside looking in. There’s no doubt he’s going to try and separate them for his own gain. Didn’t he do the same to Cottonmouth and Mariah last season? As much as I like Mariah, the introduction of her daughter feels rushed and out of place.

Luke doesn’t exactly end “Straighten It Out” in a great place. He gets in a major fight with Claire over Matt’s death (at least until Daredevil season 3) and accidentally bludgeons a gangster to the brink of death. To be fair, he was fuming from his fight and said gangster managing to injure him earlier in the night. But it certainly isn’t the position he was hoping to be in during this fight.