The Gifted debuts a new set of character posters before SDCC


FOX reveals a new set of character posters for The Gifted as well as a San Diego Comic Con presence.

Like the X-Men, The Gifted is the underdog of superhero television. Critically underrated in its first season, the show has quickly amassed a passionate and loyal audience. Thankfully, FOX is sending the series to San Diego Comic Con to tease season two for the people who made the renewal possible.

The Gifted released some key character posters before its SDCC visit. The artwork is only a preview since the show will feature more on the convention floor. Both mutant groups will be showcased with “interactive” artworks and free posters will be given away. Fans are also able to download a Snapchat filter where they can see themselves and others with “mutant vision”.

Of course, fans will also be able to learn more about the second season at the show’s panel. However, FOX did release an early synopsis for the upcoming season before the trip.

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"“The 20th Century Fox Television/Marvel series picks up after the explosion of the Atlanta Station. The Mutant Underground search for their friends and family who left with The Inner Circle. Having tracked them outside of Washington, D.C., they must contend with new groups with extreme ideologies, both human and mutant alike, to stave off a brewing conflict.”"

Unlike last season where the episode titles featured a capitalized “X”, this year will have an “M”. The premiere is called “eMergence” is set to debut on September 25 at 8 PM. Fans will not this is a  different time from last year, with the series airing on Tuesday’s instead of Monday’s.

How exactly will this time slot change affect the ratings for The Gifted? Unfortunately, the show will now be going up against rating hits like NCIS and This Is Us. However, the Disney/FOX merger may inspire new fans to tune in. The mutants might officially be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means The Gifted could cross over with other fan favorites like Agents of SHIELD. 

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Yet, the most important part of the series is how it handles discrimination against mutants. The X-Men have long been a stand-in for every form discrimination in their comic book run. As debates on immigration, LGBT rights, sexism, and racism heat up, The Gifted may be one of the most important shows on television.

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Source: Deadline