Ryan Murphy says Pose is highlight of his career!


Ryan Murphy is extremely proud of his latest show on FX, Pose, and feels it has been “the highlight of my career”.

It’s safe to assume that Ryan Murphy is damn proud of his work on FX’s Pose, which possesses the largest cast of transgender series regulars known to date. The show is based in 1980’s New York City and explores the LGBT community, and their ballroom life, along with the sad reality of the HIV/AIDs epidemic.

Murphy has said his experience with creating the show has been “joyous and amazing” and “without question been the highlight of my career”. Considering the amount of work he’s done over the years, this statement is huge.

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These comments were made during a panel that also involved director Janet Mock, who is the first trans woman of color to have directed a TV show. Murphy approached her to do Pose after reading her memoir, Redefining Realness and said she absolutely had to direct the show.

Murphy also spoke about creating the character for Pose and how he identified with their frustrated sentiments:

"“Just when you think you’re safe, just when you think the world has changed and you have Obama as a president, and you have marriage legalization…just when you think you’re in the door, the door slams in your face. And gay people know that feeling, we’ve had it our whole lives.”"

He also describes that Posis about finding oneself within a community and feeling like you belong somewhere. Mock shared similar sentiments to Murphy because she wanted to give the characters an opportunity she never had in her life.

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Murphy is so passionate about the series that he has donated all the profits from it to the LGBTQ community through non-profit organizations. He also runs the Half Foundation which focuses on the initiative for equality which has been running for the last two years. Bravo, Murphy, Bravo!