Pose season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Love Is The Message’


Pose deals with tragedy, heartbreak, and moving on–all within the span of one episode.

Pose is starting to really dig deep as each week passes by, and is digging deeper into the HIV/AIDs epidemic of the 80’s. The story isn’t just about the ballroom anymore, but about the lives of each character and their struggle with the reality they live in.

Last week, Patty confronted Angel about Stan’s relationship with her, and this week picks up right from there–with the both of them at a diner. It feels like this meeting should be really awkward, but instead, it is Patty realizing what she needs to do, and Angel understanding her feelings for Stan.

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Patty learns that Angel is a transsexual and is blown away by the fact that Stan entertained this relationship–it seems she is learning something new about her husband every day. This prompts her to begin counseling and also leads to her get tested for HIV, just in case.

She lures Stan into counseling and tells him she knows everything and was tested, but it came out negative. Unexpectedly, Stan breaks down crying, admitting he has no idea what he is doing or what he wants–but Patty has decided that she is going to do what’s best for her--without him.

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Stan is visibly flustered by Patty’s confrontation and goes into work the next day and attacks his boss/mentor for ratting him out. We’re not really sure if he lost his job, but at the end of the episode he showed up at Peep World to visit Angel. Will the two be together for reals now? I guess we’ll find out.

This week was a tough one for Pray Tell, who lost his boyfriend Kostas to HIV. While initially, he vented his emotions through anger, he found a way to channel it in a way Kostas asked him to right before he died–by being happy and living his life. And so he does!

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Sprinkled throughout the episode was a fleeting moment of lust for Blanca, who is approached by a man named Darius that was into her. She quickly learns, however, that he has been with many of the women of the ball–and he’s not looking to get serious like she wants. Don’t worry, Blanca, you will find true love.

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