American Horror Story season 8 to feature crossover of Murder House and Coven


It’s been confirmed that after 8 seasons, American Horror Story will finally have a crossover between several of its storylines.

According to American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, the crossover will be between the Murder House and Coven stories. Fans and viewers have been eagerly awaiting such an event for a long time.

American Horror Story is an anthology series, where every season has its own unique premise and setting. Due to the fact that some characters appear in several seasons, it has stirred interest into what unites the series as a whole, with some fascinating ideas being put forward to explain what is behind the series.

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Season one of American Horror Story featured The Murder House, which was set in modern Los Angeles. The massive brick house told the story of all the various inhabits who suffered misfortune while occupying its’ haunted walls. Coven was the subject of season three, which was set in modern New Orleans. The city was home to the witches coven known as Miss Robichaux’s Academy. At the coven, young witches lived under the guidance of the Supreme. The Supreme was the most powerful witch amongst all the descendants of Salem.

In a tweet announcing the concept, Ryan Murphy said that “Witches rule this September.” This seems to suggest that witches will be a main part of the season. It also seems like actress Emma Roberts may be reprising Madison Montgomery, her character from Coven.

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Fans will no doubt be thrilled to see the return of Season One. It is known as a fan favorite and is widely acknowledged as one of the best and set the tone for what was to follow. Had Murder House not been the massive hit it was, the other 7 seasons probably wouldn’t exist.