Cloak & Dagger recap: ‘Funhouse Mirrors’ feels like filler but sets up a compelling arc


Cloak & Dagger slows things down for a bit but sets up a compelling arc for the next episode.

“Funhouse Mirrors” does get Tyrone’s storyline back on track as he tries to take down Connors from the inside. It’s a nice change of pace from Tandy being the one in on the action while he dealt with his school life. Nevertheless, Cloak & Dagger does a good job with some surprise twists in the ending rather than being predictable.

Even though  O’Reilly told Tyrone to leave the investigating up to her, he’s still intent on doing something. After realizing his brother’s best friend actually knew about Connors killing him, Tyrone finally has an in. He goes and tries to get a job, but Duane doesn’t bite but instead encourages Tyrone to continue living his life.

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Nevertheless, O’Reilly is making some headway with Connors throughout the episode. She’s making waves by acting like a no-rules rebel at the police station which causes her boyfriend to step in. But she’s undeterred because O’Reilly will do anything to catch a dirty cop in the act.

Tandy has to put a little more work than usual into her con as she sidles up to Mina Hess, the scientist who works for Roxxon. She dons some glasses to play the part of “Liz the intern” but discovers Mina isn’t going to fall for that. Tandy brushes up on her engineering and biology as well as purchases some new work boots.

She quickly befriends Mina while they walk around the swamp searching for a specific kind of bee. Tyrone encourages Tandy to actually be her friend rather than just view this all as a con. Unfortunately, she admits that he’s right and the two end the episode actually being friendly. Mina even allows Tandy to try talking to her comatose father.

Tyrone isn’t so lucky though. He takes Tandy’s advice to try and create an opening in Duane’s business by following around a drug dealer. When Connors and O’Reilly bust the kid, Tyrone brings the backpack of drugs back to Duane. The man tries his best to convince Tyrone to walk away because he just wants to help his deceased friend’s brother.

Unluckily, Cloak & Dagger isn’t about to make life any easier for Ty. He hides when Connors walks in and overhears their entire conversation. Duane agrees to kill O’Reilly, which has Tyrone calling the detective hoping to warn her. She doesn’t answer, but Tyrone still yells out when she enters thus saving her life. Unfortunately, that means Duane is shot in self-defense and Tyrone finds himself transporting back to Tandy’s church. He breaks down crying, but Tandy is unable to offer him comfort because of their powers.

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While this week might have been a little bit slow, it definitely sets up an interesting arc for all of the characters. O’Reilly discovers just how far Connors will go to keep her silent, while Tyrone realizes that he will continue to suffer casualties in this fight.

However, the creator did confirm that opening scene with Duane and his blonde girlfriend was foreshadowing for the relationship between Tyrone and Tandy. The confirmation that the two will eventually have a romance does make it really hard to get invested in Tyrone’s current relationship on Cloak & Dagger.