Cloak & Dagger recap: ‘Princeton Offense’ has Tyrone confront his past


“Princeton Offense” finally gets the plot rolling in Cloak & Dagger.

Tandy does most of the heavy-lifting to move the storyline along this week but Tyrone gets a lot of character development. In fact, this is the first episode of Cloak & Dagger which could have taken a moment to slow down and appreciate the smaller moments. Nevertheless, it’s extremely gratifying to see things start to pick up and get somewhere.

Following her suicide attempt from last week, Tandy is now excited at the prospect of controlling her powers. She quickly goes to visit Tyrone at school to tell him the good news and ask to use the computer lab. It’s a little weird Tyrone doesn’t make a comment at the fact the girl he encouraged to commit suicide did actually go through with it, but it’s nice to see the two forgive each other quickly. At the lab, Tandy also reveals her newfound investigation into the Roxxon Corporation, something Tyrone isn’t totally onboard with.

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Yet, he does have an interest in taking the law into his own hands. Like Tandy suggested, he approaches Detective O’Reilly for help to take down Connors. While she doesn’t totally believe (or disbelieve) that Connors shot Tyrone’s brother, she does have a bad feeling about things. When he informs her that the vice detective is also dealing drugs on the side, she has her first lead.

She makes it clear, though, that Tyrone should leave the investigating to her and get on with his life. Cloak & Dagger sends him back to his old stomping grounds again to see one of his brother’s best friends. Seeing him turn out to be so successful despite coming from nothing inspires him to do his best at his state basketball championship. He also makes his relationship official with Evita, much to her delight.

Things don’t go exactly as planned for him though. At the game, he sees the ref’s fears which are tied to sports betting. The man needs Tyrone’s school to lose or else his bookie might physically harm him for the debt. A quick break to the locker room sends him transporting over to Tandy’s own exploration at a high-end Roxxon party.

Cloak & Dagger continues to highlight their duality because Tyrone realizes he transported because Tandy was using her powers so often. Yet, she got what she came for when she looked inside the mind of all the big-shots at the company. Turns out all of them hate one man, specifically a guy named Peter Scarborough, who led the hunt against Tandy’s father. With her mission complete, she shoves Tyrone off a balcony so he can activate his own powers and return to school.

At the game, he ends up seeing the fears of all the players from the opposing team. They’re the public high school from his old side of town, and he realizes they need the win. All of the boys are afraid of getting beat up by their fathers’ or other members of the community. He throws the game, something that’s bound to earn him another beating from his own teammates. But nonetheless, Tyrone is confident he did the right thing and so is Evita.

Meanwhile, Cloak & Dagger has O’Reilly go on the hunt for answers about Connors. Her new love interest is a cop at the department, and it’s clear that he’s protecting the esteemed detective. It makes one wonder whether the whole department is corrupt or just ignorant. Nonetheless, she realizes quickly to get any real answers, she’s going to have to outsmart them all. Snorting a line of coke in the evidence room, she tricks Connors into thinking she’s as dirty as he is. Just like that, she has her first in.

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Tandy, on the other hand, isn’t sure what to make of Scarborough. She pretends her car broke down and he immediately offers to fix the tire for her. But upon seeing his hopes, she sees his desire to profit off of many dead (murdered?) workers. Somehow this all ties back to Ally Maki’s new character, but Tandy might have gotten herself into something much darker than she initially imagined.