Briarpatch eyes Rosario Dawson to star while her future with Marvel is unclear


USA eyes Rosario Dawson to star in their new series while her Marvel fate is still unclear.

Earlier this year, Rosario Dawson gave an interview where she admitted that she might not return to the Netflix/Marvel universe. Her reasoning was understandable, she’s been doing those shows for a while and would like to spend more time with her family on the west coast. While she didn’t rule out the possibility of a return, it looks like she might be busy for a while.

In a new report from That Hashtag Show, USA is apparently courting her to star in their new series Briarpatch. The popular crime novel is written by Ross Thomas and the studio is aggressively looking for someone to take on the lead role. Apparently, the network has set their sights on Rosario Dawson because she’s in discussions to play the lead character.

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Her character would be Allegra Dill, an investigator who has refocused herself to hunt down the perpetrator who murdered her sister. Unfortunately, this might be easier said than done since the logline teases a “corrupt hometown” rather than just one culprit.

While many Marvel Television actors have taken other roles while filming for Netflix, there might be a scheduling issue with this one. The USA series is expected to begin production in New Mexico, while Netflix has always kept its Marvel shows in New York. Not to mention, all of the Marvel series take about six months to film which could definitely get in the way of Briarpatch production.

Rosario Dawson has said she would consider returning for another season of Luke Cage but time constraints might limit her role greatly. While she was only in three episodes this season, it doesn’t seem like she’d be able to return for more next year.

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However, it might be better if Netflix could get her to make her final appearance with Daredevil. Claire Temple got her start as the Night Nurse on that series, and it only feels fitting she’d be able to see Matt one more time. Especially because she, like the rest of New York, currently thinks he’s dead.

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