It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia debuts new teaser and art for season 13


Anticipation for the 13th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has reached an all-time high after recent tweets from the show’s official account.

The new poster art and teaser video have fans searching for any clues on whether Glenn Howerton’s Dennis will be present in the latest season. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns September 5 on FXX.

There may be clues to the season’s storylines in the promotions material released on Friday the 13th. On the poster, actors Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Danny DeVito and Kaitlin Olson are fleeing a backlit cabin with looks of horror. On the cabin porch in the foreground stand a masked and ax-wielding mystery character.

While it is possible that this figure could be Dennis, there is little else to suggest this poster is part of the next season’s theme. It is quite possible this is just good marketing from the show’s executives. Who knows if Dennis really has duct tape and zip ties at the ready?

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While this figure could be Howerton’s Dennis, the gang has found themselves fleeing bizarre situations, or creating them, more often than not. Last season ended with Dennis saying his goodbyes to the Paddy’s Pub posse. Dennis’ jittery tendencies led him to not only father a child while on a layover in North Dakota, but to later decide it’s a good idea to return and attempt to raise a child.

FXX released an official season 13 synopsis outlining that Mac (McElhenney), Charlie (Day), Dee (Olson) and Frank (DeVito) are occupying Paddy’s Pub, while Howerton’s Dennis “takes on the new role of father in North Dakota.”

A week or so in the suburbs led Dennis and Mac to near manic states of boredom. North Dakota is quiet enough to let anyone with serial killer metaphors and an imagination lose sight of normalcy in their more private endeavors.

The teaser video is just a mash-up of characters sitting around each other. Gregory Scott Cummins (Luther), Artemis Pebdani (Artemis), Lynne Marie Stewart (Bonnie), Andrew Friedman (Uncle Jack), Lance Barber (Bill Ponderosa), Thesy Surface (Margaret McPoyle), Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Waitress) and Sandy Martin (Mac’s mom) are all in the video.

It is unlikely all those characters find themselves in a cramped situation with each other. At least not one where everyone is alive and there is still plenty of milk rations. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has a handful of themed promos from previous seasons, yet those themes did not appear in any of the episodes.

The matter of if Howerton is heavily involved in the 13th season is more important than if this promo material is relevant to the upcoming season. It’s just that with all of the previous statements, along with the negative aspects of the D.E.N.N.I.S system, the implications of such a teaser on Friday the 13th has imaginations running wild.

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Does this art imply Howerton has been chopped from the show? Has the really dark side of Dennis finally been exposed in the North Dakota wilderness after an unplanned Philly gang visit? Perhaps this poor man was just in a terrible accident and just came back from splitting firewood.

The implications of not watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia should be obvious. Tune in September 5 at 9 on FXX or risk getting axed from any conversation about the funniest, longest-running comedy on television.

Source: Deadline