New The Walking Dead image shows new look for Negan


Season 9 of The Walking Dead is now deep into production and a new image has been released.

The photo itself isn’t a production image from The Walking Dead but a photo of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) at the beach.  The particularly noteworthy thing about the photo is Morgan’s beard and hair are noticeably shorter.  The caption on the photo also makes note of this saying “The beard is (mostly) gone!”

The photo has fans speculating on what Morgan’s new look could mean for Negan.

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Some have merely written it off as a new look for Negan which would be a fair assumption.  There’s already been a confirmation of a time jump in between seasons so a change in appearance would not be out of the ordinary.

Other fans, however, have a different theory.  Some have interpreted the photo to mean that Negan will be killed off in the upcoming season.  They reason that as a result of Negan’s supposed death, Morgan would give himself a new look since he would no longer be contractually obligated to keep up his Negan look.

Of course, there’s a pretty big factor that makes the first scenario more likely.

Negan ended up playing a large role in the Whisperer’s storyline in the comics.  Seems like there would’ve been very little point in keeping Negan alive at the end of season 8 if the writers were just going to kill him off anyway.

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Morgan is expected to appear at The Walking Dead panel at next week’s Comic-Con.

What are your thoughts on this photo from Jeffrey Dean Morgan?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: Twitter