Star Trek: Discovery releases teaser image featuring Enterprise


Star Trek: Discovery releases first teaser image for season two, featuring the iconic USS Enterprise.

Season one of Star Trek: Discovery ended with the newly pardoned Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew on their way to Vulcan to pick up their new Captain when they received a distress call. That distress call came from none other than the USS Enterprise herself and Captain Christopher Pike. The teaser image features Burnham herself standing in the hallways of the Enterprise.

Season one’s ending was a big surprise for Star Trek fans and a huge cliffhanger with which to end the season. The appearance of the Enterprise opens up a lot of possibilities for season two and gives Discovery a tangible connection to the Star Trek universe timeline.

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And while there has been much speculation about exactly what we can expect for Discovery’s meet up with the Enterprise, those in the know have been predictably secretive concerning the details of the encounter. What we do know is that Captain Christopher Pike will definitely be making an appearance in the form of actor Anson Mount and that a young Spock will appear in flashbacks of Michael Burnham’s childhood. We know that Spock served under Captain Pike on the Enterprise before Captain Kirk took command, so there is a question about whether or not we will see an adult Spock on season two.

This last is the real burning questions for many fans, many of whom are eager to learn about Burnham’s relationship with her foster-brother Spock. It could be possible that there are plans to feature an adult Spock but they are keeping it a major secret. If Spock isn’t on board the Enterprise for their encounter, any number of explanations are plausible. It could simply be that he hasn’t been assigned to the Enterprise yet, although the significant look that Burnham and Sarek share at the name “Enterprise” suggests otherwise. Maybe he’s conducting research on some other planet or maybe he’s on leave.

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In any case, we know that Burnham makes it aboard the Enterprise and that we will get to see inside the classic ship and perhaps meet some of her crew. Tell us in the comments below if you like the first look at the Enterprise in Star Trek: Discovery!

Source: Screenrant & Entertainment Weekly