Star Trek: Discovery teases return to classic uniforms


Star Trek: Discovery behind-the-scenes clip teases original series style uniforms and a return to form for season two.

A behind-the-scenes trailer advertising the start of production teases the return of the original series style uniforms and a glimpse of Anson Mount sporting the famous gold command model.

Among other things that don’t quite line up with our idea of Star Trek chronology, the uniforms worn by the crew of the Discovery are very unlike those worn by the crew of the Enterprise ten years later. The Discovery wear uniforms closer in design to those worn by Captain Jonathan Archer and the Enterprise crew nearly a hundred years earlier.

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My theory is that Starfleet simply decided to redesign their uniforms around this time, that the classic uniforms worn by the Enterprise crew in the original series were actually a bold new direction in style. We will have to see if the Discovery also updates their look.

Many of the choices made for Star Trek: Discovery’s first season raised Vulcan-like eyebrows — from the controversial reimagining of the Klingons to the dark and violent tone of the show.

The new trailer featured the voices of Leonard Nimoy as Spock and Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, suggesting a more tangible connection between Discovery and the overall Star Trek mythology. It also suggests, as promised, a return to the fundamentals of the Star Trek ethos.

While many viewers took exception to the violence and darker themes of the first season, I don’t see that it necessarily made the series any less faithful to the Star Trek ideology. Star Trek has always explored dark and sometimes controversial themes, and themes of violence and war are certainly among those important issues it often approaches.

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I don’t feel like the violence was gratuitous and almost always served to move the story forward in some way. So yes, the season was dark and violent, but it served a purpose.