Star Trek: Discovery season two new character details revealed


Star Trek: Discovery’s second season will see three new characters added to the cast.

Screenrant has released details about three new characters being added to Star Trek: Discovery’s second season. It has already been reported that Anson Mount will be playing Captain Christopher Pike.

And while Discovery director and former Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member Jonathan Frakes has also confirmed that a young Spock will appear in flashbacks featured in episode two, That Hashtag Show has uncovered further details about some new additions to the cast.

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The first is a character named Samuel — who is described as being a ten-year-old boy who will be required to wear prosthetics. Speculation is that this could be a codename for the young Spock character in order to keep details under wraps.

The second is a character we’ve known about for some time, a Starfleet engineer who will be played by Tig Notaro. It has been revealed that the character’s name is Denise Reno, the wheelchair-bound chief engineer aboard the USS Hiawatha.

In true Star Trek fashion, it seems that Discovery will continue to explore all forms of diversity, including the differently abled.

The third character is May, a female engineering officer. Aside from this information, there has been nothing else revealed about her character — who will play her, where she will be stationed, or what, if any, connection she has to the main characters.

As filming begins on the second season, it will be increasingly difficult to keep details — especially casting information — from emerging. As production progresses we’ll likely have a steady stream of official news to keep us distracted and interested until the new season is released.

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Producers promise a return to the Star Trek ethos after a dark and controversial first season. While no release date has been issued this early in production, we can likely expect to see Discovery return to CBS All Access sometime in 2019.