Iron Fist: Alice Eve finally reveals who she’s playing in season 2


At long last Alice Eve reveals who she’ll be playing in Iron Fist.

Fans have been speculating about who Eve would be playing since early set photos surfaced this year. Thankfully, the wait is over because at San Diego Comic Con she finally uncovered the big mystery. Turns out, she’ll be taking on the role of iconic Daredevil villain, Typhoid Mary, in Iron Fist season two.

Coincidentally, Typhoid Mary was largely rumored to be appearing in the second season of Jessica Jones. Instead, many fans thought Alice Eve would be playing private eye Dakota North because of the red hair seen in photos. However, adding Typhoid Mary to the mix should make the storyline next season interesting.

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The character, otherwise known as Mary Walker, is one of the most unique in the Marvel Universe. Due to her multiple personalities, she goes back and forth from a sympathetic villain to a murderous one. It’s unclear how exactly the show plans to portray her because the leaked photos show her working alongside Danny.

Then again, Typhoid Mary has a few radically different personalities which affect her personality. It’s a possibility Danny meets one of the kinder versions of the character before realizing what she’s capable of.

However, her arrival could be because of Matt Murdock’s absence from Hell’s Kitchen. In the comics, she works as an assassin for The Hand and Kingpin. Both of them will be trying to capitalize on Daredevil’s disappearance to regain control of the city.

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It’s not clear if her appearance in Iron Fist season two will serve as the backstory before becoming a potential villain for season three or if she’ll be a bad guy from the get-go. Nevertheless, with the Fox/Disney merger seemingly all but officially confirmed, it will be interesting to see if the series hints at her mutant background to introduce in the future.

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