HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness reveals first trailer


Terence Nance’s late-night series for HBO, Random Acts of Flyness reveals first trippy trailer.

Artist, musician, and filmmaker Terence Nance brings his unique vision to HBO for Random Acts of Flyness, a late-night series about “the beauty and ugliness of contemporary American life.” That beauty and ugliness certainly abound in the first over-stimulating trailer that features a mix of nostalgia, violence, sex, drugs, protest, dance, surrealism, and animation. The series looks anything but conventional, with the variety of images presented immediately affecting and intriguing. It looks and sounds like a challenging and gripping social commentary on modern America.

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The series will consist of six episodes starring Nance and a revolving ensemble cast which includes Whoopi Goldberg, Gillian Jacobs, Dominique Fishback, Ntare Guma Mwine, Adepero Oduye, Natalie Paul, and Paul Sparks. The official description of the show calls it “a fluid, stream-of-conscious response to the contemporary American mediascape” and “a mix of vérité documentary, musical performances, surrealist melodrama and humorous animation.”

While the series certainly looks and sounds refreshingly bizarre and entertaining, Nance designed Random Acts of Flyness to be inherently challenging and thoughtful. The range of subjects under examination are both staggering in their number and complexity. Topics include “patriarchy, white supremacy and sensuality…ancestral trauma, history, death, the singularity, romance and more.”

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Random Acts of Flyness joins HBO’s growing number of culturally and socially aware programming, including the docuseries Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, in which the former Daily Show correspondent travels across the country exploring “systemic issues from his unique perspective.” It is good to see a growing number of thoughtful and challenging programming from unique voices finding an outlet, not just at HBO, but seemingly across the board. The trend now, and hopefully the new norm, is to make diversity a priority.

Source: Screenrant