Trial & Error season 2, episode 3 and 4 recap: ‘The Murder Clock’ and ‘A Hole In The Case’


Trial & Error has Josh trying to juggle the most complicated case of his career with his personal life.

Fans of The Jinx definitely picked up on that nod to the critically acclaimed series from the last episode. Trial & Error begins where it left off with Lavinia caught red-handed for stealing a sandwich. Her disguise is hilarious, and every scene with Kristin Chenoweth is proving to be the best choice possible as the new criminal. Without further ado, let’s break down the new revelations from the case.

1. Lavinia has a criminal alter-ego.

Turns out her moustached costume is actually Lavinia pretending to be a childhood friend named Ronnie Del Mundo. When he died, she decided to never learn any employee’s name and to carry on his legacy as a petty criminal. Unfortunately, Edgar left his fortune to Ronnie Del Mundo and while Lavinia is pretending to be him, this certainly makes her look guilty.

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2. The Peck-Fosters are apparently broke.

Nina brought Josh a scoop in the first hour of tonight’s Trial & Error, where she learned the Peck-Fosters are out of money. While Lavinia steadfastly denies this, it’s clear that she has no idea how the finances work. She claims she doesn’t carry a wallet since Edgar used to pay for everything. However, the employees confirm their checks have been bouncing for months.

3. Edgar was having an affair.

Turns out Edgar was not the squeaky clean husband everyone assumed he was. His intern, Amanda, admitted that she was sleeping with her boss. She was the last person to check out the clock which killed him but denies she had anything to do with the murder.

4. The Jessups don’t have the murder weapon but they want it back

When Josh found out the clock belonged to the most notorious crime family in East Peck, he was excited to have a new suspect. Unfortunately, the family hasn’t seen the clock, nor do they have it. This puts them out of the running and leaves Lavinia as the biggest suspect so far. Turns out someone tried to sell the clock at a local auction house though.

5. The employees of the Peck-Foster’s really hate the family

One of the “houseboys” from the Peck-Foster family was the one who tried to sell the clock. Not because he murdered Edgar, but because they’re barely paid anything. Also, all of the gardeners peed in Lavinia’s saltwater pool which will most likely keep Josh from ever entering a pool ever again.

6. Edgar’s signature might have been forged

A handwriting expert is brought in to inspect the signatures on the form to change the life insurance policy recipient. He’s played by Parks & Rec‘s Jim O’Heir who testifies that Edgar’s signatures don’t line up. But he also can’t confirm Lavinia didn’t forge her husband’s signature. Carol-Anne Kean is furious nonetheless and has the expert witness testify to embarrass Josh in court. Dammit, Jerry!

7. Edgar was sick by the end

Lavinia tells Josh at an uncomfortable ball that Edgar had “clock hand” which led to tremors. While it was “fun in the beginning” Lavinia didn’t seem to care for it by the end. Luckily, the signature expert can confirm the shaky signature is indeed done by Edgar which helps discredit the prosecution’s argument.

8. The timeline doesn’t add up

Carol-Anne Kean makes a last-minute effort to disprove Josh’s timeline and is actually able to! Turns out, the Peck-Foster’s have a secret tunnel from the pool house directly to where Edgar drowned. There goes Josh’s easy dismissal.

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9. Mickey Moose didn’t see his breath

It doesn’t exactly pertain this season’s case on Trial & Error but unfortunately, Mickey Moose didn’t see his breath. Everyone has to deal with fewer Saturdays and it’s a problem we can all relate to.

Do you think Lavinia is guilty? Tell us below on your thoughts from this week’s Trial & Error!