No second season planned for Sharp Objects


A question that’s been posed in regards to Sharp Objects, since the show is a ratings hit, will it be picked up for a second season like Big Little Lies?

Well according to HBO’s director of programming Casey Bloys that will not be the case . Bloys also went on to say that the difference is that for Big Little Lies, the entire cast was open to returning. Amy Adams, who has done a superb job in playing the troubled Camille in Sharp Objects, would like to move on after the first season because the material is so dark and intense for an actress to play for an extended length of time.

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The strain of playing intense, dark characters on actors has become much more widely known in recent years. The Dark Knight become not only one of the biggest box office hits of the last decade, but also acquired infamy because it was Heath Ledger’s final completed role before his death as the age of 28. Without a doubt, his role as the Joker made the film what it was and he managed to win a posthumous Oscar for his performance.

But there is another side to playing dark roles. It has been discussed for years whether Ledger transforming himself into the Joker seriously harmed his mental state and contributed to his death. While his family denies that is the case, the one thing that is beyond question is that an intense role can take a toll on someone mentally. The old saying to leave work at work applies arguably more to actors than it does to any other profession because they have to transform themselves into a character.

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Playing someone like Camille would absolutely be exhausting, so it certainly is understandable if Amy Adams is concerned that playing the role indefinitely would burn her out.

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