Colony season 3, episode 12 recap: ‘Bonzo’


Kynes finally puts his plan in action in this episode of Colony.

Since Everett Kynes has been steadily building an army of thousands of outliers to take on the IGA, it’s safe to see he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now it’s here, his chance to wage war on the IGA.

While heading to his command post on Colony, Kynes and his team are ambushed and his men spring into action to defend him.

As a result, Kynes and his team decide to head to a secure bunker known as Bonzo. Bonzo is okay for a short-term headquarters, but Kynes is emphatic that he needs to get to the command center.

In the middle of the night, Bram is summoned to community patrol while at Broussard’s, his parents think about responding to the call Kynes has sent to the outliers. Eventually, they decide not to answer.

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Meanwhile on Colony, the other outliers get a video message from Kynes, saying that they can defeat the IGA and the hosts.

This is something Will really wants to believe and the Bowmans agree to go to the operation location where events are set to start at midnight.

Amy is volunteered as a medic by Broussard and tells her that Kynes is worth the risk. In response, Amy agrees to help.

While Katie wants to talk with Bram before doing anything, Will seems oblivious. While preparing to head out, he tells Amy that she is a liability and must stay behind.

Katie wants to do something because of what she feels was her complicity in sending people to their death but Will stops her from leaving and then he says the kids are better off without him.

Meanwhile, at the community patrol where Bram works, Snyder and the IGA security force known as greyhats take over. Sal, the father of Bram’s girlfriend, tells Snyder that Kynes has committed treason.

Snyder then orders that Kynes be taken alive or to kill him at the site known as Bonzo.

So the outliers head to meet his Kynes and his man Ford at the Bonzo facility. Later, the greyhats arrive and surround the complex.

While Will holds off the IGA, Broussard goes in to get Kynes. On the way out, Ford goes first and is shot, which puts Broussard in charge. With Will looking a little worse for the wear, they meet up with the team Will has assembled.

They all move to cover Kynes on his way to his escape ambulance, but he’s badly hit before they drive off.

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After Snyder sees the casualties on both sides, his associate Garland says he hit Kynes himself and that unless he has a trauma unit, Kynes is a goner.

This is when Amy stepping in to take care of Kynes at another one of his hideouts. Will meanwhile, is walking alone through Seattle while sirens are blaring.

While Katie was asleep at the Bowman house, Bram packed up his sister and left without saying a word to her. On his own accord, Bram has taken himself and his sister to Sal’s house.

This is a pretty smart move considering his parents, especially his father, seemed to have completely forgotten about him and his sister.