Camping releases a first look at Jennifer Garner HBO comedy series


HBO’s next comedy series, Camping, starring Jennifer Garner and David Tennant released their first look–and we are all about it.

Camping looks absolutely hilarious, goofy, with a side of cynicism. And with the likes of Girls creator Lena Dunham executive producing it, how could it not be? This Garner/Tennant comedy is about Garner’s character, Kathryn, planning a camping trip for her husband Walt’s (Tennant) 45th birthday.

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Problem is, she wants to be in control of every detail. As seen in the teaser, as the trip begins she makes a statement regarding the fun surrounding the trip, “It may not be fun. In fact, it may not be fun at all.” Homegirl is keeping it real!

Camping is a story about a birthday camping trip that turns into something completely unexpected as Kathryn tries to micromanage every detail of the weekend getaway. But when her sister, ex-best friend, and a tagalong all gather in one place, chaos ensues. The birthday celebration turns into a weekend of marital conflicts, the women fighting with one another, as well as bears. Yup, bears.

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The series also stars Janicza Bravo, Arturo Del Puerto, Brett Gelman and Juliette Lewis with Bridget Everett in a recurring role. Along with Dunham, Jenni Konner will also be executive producing the series, and both are also coming on as co-writers.

Not going to lie, given the premise and the cast involved with the show, we are pretty darn excited to see how the story unfolds!

Be sure to check out the series premiere on October 14th on HBO