Camping: HBO sets premiere date for Jennifer Garner and David Tennant sitcom


Jennifer Garner and David Tennant are going Camping this October on HBO.

The latest sitcom will premiere on the premium network on Sunday, October 14. Camping marks the return of Garner to live-action television since her beloved show Alias ended in 2006. She’s joined by David Tennant, who not only will star in the highly anticipated HBO series but Amazon’s Good Omens as well.

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Camping has been adapted from the UK series of the same name by former producing partners, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. It’s still currently unclear if their recent split will affect the direction of the series or if the two plan on reuniting in the future. Nonetheless, HBO seems to have a lot of confidence in the show already which is a good sign for unsure fans.

While HBO is calling Camping a sitcom, it sounds like the show will have plenty of drama as well. Garner’s character, Kathryn Sidell-Bauers, is an extremely organized and controlling wife who puts together a trip for her husband’s birthday. Tagging along will be her timid sister, a fun but random guest, and her ex-best friend with a smug attitude. The combination of personalities leads the trip to be filled with tension, both circumstantial and sexual, as well as other arguments.

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The synopsis also teases a “woman-on-woman crime that won’t soon be forgotten” to be on the lookout for. Taking a guess from this list of characters, the obvious “crime” would be one of the women sleeping with Kathryn’s husband. It’s unclear if the other women are bringing along their own respective partners so it could also be Kathryn seducing one of them.

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Source: Deadline