Fred Armisen Spanish language comedy Los Espookys picked up by HBO


Los Espookys is heading to HBO from SNL veteran.

HBO has agreed to pick up Fred Armisen’s new Spanish language comedy Los Espookys. The show from the Saturday Night Live and Portlandia veteran is set in modern-day Mexico and will feature a group of friends and aspiring filmmakers who turn a passion for horror into a business. Producing the series will be longtime SNL producer and creator Lorne Michaels.

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The general ideas have an interesting real-life basis, as Mexican directors have been behind some of the most acclaimed movies that have come out in the last couple years. Mexican born Guillermo del Toro not only created the vampire-based TV series The Strain, the hit film Pan’s Labyrinth, but in 2017 he won the Academy Award for his fantasy based film The Shape of Water. The film also won the Oscar for Best Picture.

But del Toro is close friends with Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu who are both also acclaimed directors.

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Cuaron who won the 2013 Best Directing Oscar and shared an award for Best Editing for his work on Gravity, which Sandra Bulloch starred in. One year later Inarritu was the recipient of two Oscars for his work on the movie Birdman, a story about an ex-superhero actor which starred none other than former Batman star Michael Keaton. The film won Best Picture, as well as the Best Director and Best Original Screenplay awards for Inarritu personally. The following year, Inarritu won the Best Director award again for his work on The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. That means that the three men have won four out of the last five awards for Best Director, an impressive feat.

So it seems like any good comedy, Armisen’s series contains a tiny nugget of truth.