Sharp Objects season 1, episode 5 recap: ‘Closer’


Sharp Objects has the town gather for a celebration but the tension undercuts the event in “Closer”.

All of Wind Gap is focused on Calhoun Day in Sharp Objects, which is celebrating the history of the town. In preparation for the festivities about to take place at the Crellin house, Amma, Camille, and Adora go out shopping, ostensibly in search of a dress for Camille.

In an aside, Adora mentions that Camille has her father’s coloring and other traits, which Camille says is the most she’s ever said about her father. While attempting to try on a dress, Adora insists Camille come out, despite her eldest daughter’s insistent protests that Amma go wait in the car when she does so.

But Camille eventually gives in and comes out and reveals to Adora, Amma, and the audience her body and the scars on it. Not only does Camille have scars, she has scares carved into her body that spells out words.

After looking at her daughter in shock, Adora finally tells Amma to go outside and then tells Camille that she is just like her father; full of spite. Adora walks out and Camille goes back to the changing room and muffles a scream into a dress.

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Back at Adora’s house, the people of Wind Gap mingle and anticipate watching Amma and her friends perform a pageant that tells the story of Wind Gap’s founding, which has a few unnerving parallels to the recent murders. Speaking of that, several of the guests are discussing Camille’s most recent article. Ashley Wheeler is unhappy that Camille didn’t include her and she tells Camille that she is a bridge she shouldn’t burn.

But aside from this, a several of the people are praising her writing, with Jackie actually recommending it to Adora. But this praise aside, Camille is ready to go home after the incident at the dress shop.

Amma tries to soothe her sister in her adolescent way, but what really makes the difference is Curry consoling her and telling Camille she is one of the most decent people he knows.

After getting herself together, Camille makes the rounds outside with the guests and Adora gives Richard a tour of the house. She makes to sure to highlight her sumptuous floor, which was once the focus of a photo-shoot. It turns out the floor is actual ivory and is very old.

Adora also tells Richard about Camille’s history and that she is still healing after the death of her sister Marian. But after meeting up with Camille again during Amma’s pageant, he tells her that he knows Adora lied to him.

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Towards the end of Amma’s Calhoun Day play, Bob Nash attacks John Keene in full view of everyone. After Nash is taken away, it turns out Amma is missing.

After Adora has an uncharacteristically public outburst of emotion, the search goes out for her younger daughter. Camille eventually finds her sister cowering in the same old creepy shed from the previous episode.

Once they put Amma to bed, Camille and her mother have what is without a doubt their most intimate talk thus far. Adora admits she made a mistake and the two discuss Amma and that she is afraid of something.

Then Adora says that the reason Camille has a colder nature and can’t get close to anyone is because she takes after her father. In response, Camille seeks out Richard and the episode ends with them spending the night together.

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