Trial & Error canceled by NBC?


Mickey Moose didn’t see his breath in the previous episode of Trial & Error but this news is much worse.

Deadline reports today that NBC has passed on renewing the critically acclaimed but extraordinarily underrated sitcom Trial & Error. The show was considered on the bubble last year with the network wanting to bring back the series for another season. However, the series was pushed back to a mid-summer debut where the numbers unsurprisingly fell.

While it seems like a long shot for the show to get picked up, Warner Brothers will be searching for a new home for the series. Trial & Error is a serial anthology series, which follows a new murder case every season. True crime fans have probably noticed the similarity between the two cases thus far and real-life situations because they’re spoofs of some popular murder documentaries.

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The sitcom managed to defy expectations this season and be even funnier than its freshman run. Many shows suffer through a sophomore slump, but not Trial & Error. Season one held an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes while season two is currently standing strong at 91%. It’s incredibly rare to find a smart but entertaining sitcom nowadays and it would be a shame for other networks not to recognize the quality of story-telling the show produces.

Luckily, the cast is still under contract while WBTV tries to find a new home for the show. Considering it airs similar to a docu-series, it would make more sense for Trial & Error to be on a streaming service. Undoubtedly, Warner Brothers will be going to the usual suspects, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon with the hope of it landing there.

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For anyone who has been on the fence about the show, definitely check it out. This season has featured Kristin Chenoweth (WickedPushing Daisies) as the accused murderer, Lavinia Peck-Foster, who also happens to be the wealthiest woman in town. She’s been an absolute delight and is a large reason why the second season has been so enjoyable.

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