Better Call Saul season 4, episode 1 premiere recap: ‘Smoke’


The season 4 premiere of Better Call Saul doesn’t miss a beat in the aftermath of Chuck’s death and Jimmy’s gradual transformation into Saul.

Better Call Saul is back after a hiatus of more than a year, and yet it feels like no time at all has passed by in the season 4 premiere. The season 3 premiere left us with the haunting image of Chuck’s house burning up in flames, and the latest episode picked up right from that moment.

Chuck is dead, and Jimmy is drowning in guilt and doubt over the last encounter he had with his brother. How exactly did Chuck’s demise occur? By lantern. Yes, that’s right, a lantern tipped over and engulfed Chuck and the house into its fiery blaze. And not only that but Hector Salamanca had a stroke and we all know what state he will eventually end up in as a result of it.

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It appears Chuck’s death is not only affecting the brother he left behind but the mentee he once worked with, Howard Hamlin. Howard blames himself for Chuck’s decline and says he was instrumental in trying to push Chuck out of the firm due to the increased insurance rates that were brought on due to news of Chuck’s illness.

This is an interesting turning point in an episode where Jimmy has been relatively silent mourning the loss of his brother. When Howard blames himself for Chuck’s death, Jimmy’s response is, “Well Howard, I guess that’s your cross to bear.” Damn, Jimmy, damn.

It’s quite unexpected yet very direct and poignant, and we can suddenly see the quick glimpses of the man Jimmy is going to become. And while it’s frightening, it’s just as exciting because the Saul we know later is relentless, and honestly one of the most entertaining parts of Breaking Bad.

And while Hector doesn’t die from the stroke, it’s safe to assume everyone around him wishes he did, especially Nacho who pulled a pill switch-a-roo on the old man. And it appears Gus is keeping a close eye on Nacho but only to ensure he gets to kill Hector and not Nacho.

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The season 4 premiere opened on an interesting note that gives a future look at one of Saul’s many personas he takes on, this one being a Cinnabon worker. He has a medical emergency and winds up in the hospital, and we see him panic due to giving a fake social security number, but this is the Saul we all know very well.

Perhaps the biggest question to come out of the season 4 premiere is, who is the guy in the cab after Jimmy/Saul leaves the hospital? Do we know him? And why was he so creepy? Time will tell–we hope.

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