Better Call Saul Season 5 finale recap: Something Unforgivable

Michael Mando as Nacho Varga - Better Call Saul _ Season 5, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television
Michael Mando as Nacho Varga - Better Call Saul _ Season 5, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television /

And just like that, Better Call Saul concludes its penultimate season.

Better Call Saul had an incredibly strong fifth season, and it needed on an even stronger note. There is certainly a lot to unpack after the season 5 finale, including where Jimmy and Kim stand. Honestly, I’m a bit worried about where their relationship is headed. There have been a number of theories about where Kim is during the Breaking Bad timeline including that Kim is dead.

This is something I’ve thought a lot about and something that’s constantly in the back of my mind as the plot progresses. In the Better Call Saul season 5 finale, we sort of get an idea, but not really. As you’re aware, Jimmy has been through a lot over the last couple of episodes.

Between almost getting shot, being lost in the desert, and having two near-death experiences, Jimmy isn’t doing too hot. And I don’t think it helps that Lalo showed up unexpectedly at the end of the last episode and essentially threatened Kim and Jimmy.

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But hey, Kim handled that situation like a champ. Shout out to Rhea Seehorn for kicking some major butt and giving us an amazing performance.

In any case, the season 5 finale shows Jimmy really struggling with the fact over how his new lifestyle has impacted Kim. She’s basically turning into him and accepting him with all his flaws. She even justifies it by going along with anything wrong he’s done.

Case in point? Instead of freaking out over the desert debacle, Kim embraces Jimmy. And then, when she learns about what he did to Howard, she tries to come up with ways to continue torturing him.

I think it’s enough for anyone to worry, but Jimmy is concerned that his shenanigans have rubbed off on Kim, and worse yet, put her life in danger. Obviously we know this isn’t the last time that Jimmy will be in a dangerous situation, and he knows that.

It felt like the season 5 finale was heading down a dark path as we inched closer to the end. Was Jimmy going to do something to Kim? Was someone else going to hurt her? There seemed to be some gloomy foreshadowing, and there were times where I just felt like Kimmy’s life was going to come to an end.

But don’t worry Better Call Saul fans, Kim is alive and well, for now. But this may not be the case moving forward, but for now–things are alright. However, I do feel like Jimmy wants to break up with her for her own good. And that could be in their future or maybe Kim is alive during Breaking Bad and she and Jimmy stay together. And she’s in hiding because of some reason or another.

Well, I think this hypothetical reason has something to do with what happens with Lalo in Mexico during the final moments of this episode. After learning that Jimmy has likely lied to him, Lalo heads to Mexico with Nacho.

It seems like things are going great at home, but for Nacho, not so much. There is a plan to take down Lalo once and for all, and it’s making him extremely nervous. Side note: If you were paying attention, you’ll notice a familiar backyard and pool from Breaking Bad, and of course, Don Eladio and company.

Luckily for Nacho, he convinces Lalo to trust him and let him take over as manager over Tuco. However, however things take a dark turn when we realize just what Gus had planned for Lalo’s takedown. Of course, while Nacho gets away as Gus’ hired killers head into the compound to kill Lalo, the clever Lalo gets away via his escape route.

Who else got Narcos vibes when Lalo lifted the tub and went through a tunnel?!

I’m sorry to report, Nacho, that not only did Lalo survive, but he’s definitely coming after you. And if he’s coming after Nacho, then he sure as hell is going to go after Jimmy.

…and perhaps Kim too?

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Well, that’s a wrap on Better Call Saul’s season 5 finale, and now, we must wait to see where a very angry Lalo is headed. One thing is for sure, the final season is going to go bigger, crazier, and a lot more dramatic.

Until next season, everyone!

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