Insatiable season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘Miss Bareback Buckaroo’


Insatiable introduces Patty to the world of pageants while Armstrong tries to teach her how to control her rage.

Insatiable has just been an odd series all around, and with every passing episode, it is not helping its own case. Clearly, Patty has some rage issues and has to get a handle on them, Armstrong whisks her off to Alabama to teach her control. It’s not entirely understood how this trip is supposed to help her but we give the episode the benefit of the doubt anyway.

Armstrong wanted to introduce Patty to the world of pageants and show her what his world is all about. Is it a good idea? Not really, considering she ends up meeting an old flame of Armstrong’s who doesn’t exactly have the best intentions. This woman, Stella Rose, is the director for the Miss Bareback Buckaroo pageant and also was a mentor to Armstrong many years ago.

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Worried about Patty, Nonnie convinces Dixie and Donald to drive with her to Alabama to spy on Patty to see what she’s up to. Nonnie definitely has a thing for Patty, and this blind devotion is really causing her to sacrifice her own life. Seriously, Patty is not worth all this! During their road trip, Dixie tells them that Regina made up the lies about Armstrong, which isn’t really a surprise, and still isn’t exactly an understood plot point of the series.

Stella Rose and Armstrong team up to “teach” Patty how to behave properly but in reality, Stella Rose intended on bringing Patty over to her side. This show is truly strange, and some of these storylines just don’t make any sense.

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Meanwhile, Coralee was dealing with a disaster back home when her sister shows up at the doorstep with her kids in tow. It is here we learn a bit about Coralee’s background, and how she grew up in a trailer park but Armstrong pulled her away from that life into the one she is in now. While everyone else may be a mediocre presence in Insatiable, Coralee’s character is ending up to be a favorite.

After Patty learns that Roxie and Stella Rose are using her, she opts to enter a crawfish eating contest out of anger while Armstrong confronts Stella Rose about her side shenanigans. Basically, she is coaching Roxie for the Miss American Lady pageant and wanted to check out the competition since Patty will be competing as well.

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And then the story takes a random turn when Stella Rose reveals her and Armstrong’s affair to Patty and hands her an engraved necklace that he gave to her years ago. For some odd reason, Patty is in love with Armstrong and now has the ammo she needs to ruin his marriage. Really, though?