Insatiable season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘Skinny Is Magic’


Insatiable tells us skinny is magic — and once again basks in the hot mess this series has been.

Insatiable is truly living up to the criticisms and angst people were feeling at the release of its trailer. We were hoping that the trailer was just a tidbit of misunderstood information, and the series would provide more depth and story to the message we were told it was going to tell.

But, alas, this is certainly not the case, and judging the title of this episode, Insatiable has it so wrong.

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After trying to seek revenge on the homeless guy who called her fat and forced her to have her jaw shut, Patty tried to douse him in alcohol and burn him to death but stops before taking that “you can never come back from this” step.

The next morning, she wakes up to her first day of senior year with no recollection of the drunken night that has passed. When she arrives at school, people don’t seem to recognize her, not even Brick. But Magnolia certainly did, and she is not happy about Patty’s sexy transformation. But hey, it is high school so threatened popular girls is so the trend.

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While in class, Patty overhears a classmate talking about a man in critical condition due to a fire, and Patty immediately panics thinking about John the homeless guy. Could she have managed to kill him and not even know it? Nonnie is on the case because she would run to the ends of the Earth for Patty, but Patty could honestly care less.

Coralee went looking for Etta Mae and bumped into hottie Barnard who answers the door shirtless. We’re not sure what his deal is, but he can spend the rest of the season shirtless, and we’re totally okay with that. There is something off about Coralee, but we can’t seem to put our finger on it.

Maybe it’s her eagerness to iron Barnard’s clothing since his wife is out of town but it works in her favor when she catches Regina delivering an envelope full of questionable photos of Armstrong and Magnolia. Coralee manages to get Regina to text the pictures and then turns the tables on her when she accuses her of child pornography.

Nonnie and Patty try to retrace Patty’s steps from the night before which lead them to the convenient store and then to the police station to retrieve Patty’s bra that is now sitting in the evidence locker (apparently, she took it off while in the hotel room). They also tried to retrieve the security footage from the night before, and when they realized the time stamp would work against Patty, they proceeded to repeat the events of the night before in order to make a new tape. Seriously, hot mess.

Okay, and can we please discuss how Brick and Regina are having an affair? Is that absolutely necessary to throw in amongst all the other nonsensical things being done and said in Insatiable?

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By the end of the episode, the homeless man John wakes up and reveals that he wanted to blame Patty so he could go free. When Patty goes to get an apology from him for breaking her jaw, he ends up pissing her off to which she responds to her death wish for him.

…And then his heart stopped and he died. Alrighty, then.