American Horror Story Apocalypse teasers hint at what is to come


The premiere for American Horror Story: Apocalypse is soon to be upon us.

Unsurprisingly, this means that teasers for the upcoming season, American Horror Story Apocalypseare being dropped in anticipation to give the audience a hint about what is to come for the popular horror franchise.

Amongst the things for viewers can look forward to is a long-awaited crossover between previous seasons, in this case — the storylines from season one and season three shall meet.

Check out the three released American Horror Story Apocalypse teasers below and then come back for some huge news about the casting for the next season.

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Something that American Horror Story fans will no doubt be even happier about is the return of Jessica Lange. The two-time Oscar winner and fan favorite of the first four seasons of AHS will make a long-awaited return as Constance Langdon, her season one character, in episode 6 of the upcoming season.

Lange’s performance in the first four seasons resulted in her winning two Emmy awards and an entirely new generation of fans who might not have otherwise discovered her.

In American Horror Story season 1, Lange played Constance Langdon, a failed actress who lived next door to the Harmon family in their macabre house in Los Angeles, a house Langdon herself used to own.

Amongst her other roles in the anthology series include a nun with a past, the leader of a witches coven (season 3), and a German singer running an old school carnival freak show.

The American Horror Story teaser reveals that the apocalypse in question will have something to do with nuclear explosions and suggests the Antichrist may have something to do with it.

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That would help explain why Lange’s season one character would be returning. Towards the end of American Horror Story season 1, the birth of the Antichrist was discussed, with a specific connection to Constance Langdon’s family.