This is Us season 3: What to expect


This is Us creator Dan Fogelman dishes on what fans can expect for Season 3.

There’s no doubt that This is Us is a smash hit for NBC. Part of that success is the superb acting from its cast – led by Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Kevin Hartley.

But the other key factor in its success is the storyline and the shroud of mystery surrounding the patriarch of the family’s death. During the pilot, we find out that the young couple awaiting the birth of their triplets are the parents of the three adults who were celebrating their 36th birthdays. And soon after, we find out Jack died.

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We now know Jack died after inhaling too much smoke from a devastating fire that destroyed their family home.

The “must-watch” element the show has that keeps fans coming back is thanks to the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman. This week, he and the show’s cast attended Deadline’s Emmy For Your Consideration event where they divulged in some info on what we can expect in Season 3.

Fogelman said that he thinks the first episode of the season, which airs on September 25, is one of their best and opens with the Big Three’s 38th birthday.

We also know that we will find out more about Jack pre-family man while he’s fighting in the Vietnam War. They recently cast Michael Angarano as his brother Nicky, who we know dies in the war. We also know Justin is going to Vietnam with his new girlfriend.

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We will get to see Jack and Rebecca’s awkward first date which takes place right after he comes home from Vietnam. We’ll also see Randall and Beth’s first date. And we will find more about Beth’s whereabouts in the flash-forward from last season.

I am counting down the days to September 25!

Source: Deadline