Insatiable season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Dunk ‘N’ Donut’


Insatiable continues to send the wrong message in episode 6–implying that to be sexy, you have to be skinny.

Insatiable really took it one step too far in this episode, and honestly, it was extremely frustrating and cringeworthy to watch. Case in point, when the episode begins Patty and Brick are making out and in her voiceover, Patty compared the idea of losing her virginity to the impossibility of losing weight. And she proceeds to say now that she has lost the weight, she wants to basically her new body out for a ride. Ugh, okay?

It is not a statement that should be made, and honestly the criticism Insatiable has received is proving to be more and more valid with moments like these. Oh, and Patty also mentions that she was finally hungry for something other than food. So, are they trying to say that overweight people don’t want to have sex because they can only crave food?

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A horrible message was sent across in this episode and has been since episode 1, and to imply being skinny means beauty is absurd. To be able to enter the Miss Magic Jesus contest, Patty learns she has to be baptized so the Pastor agrees to do so if she gets proper counseling and training.

There’s almost a moment when you think Insatiable is trying to make a valid point, but nope. During a pageant meeting, Dixie makes fun of an overweight girl that defends herself and says beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. While we are happy the right message was conveyed, it really seems like this moment is too convenient and just forcefully planted there so the show doesn’t feel bad about what they’re doing.

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Meanwhile, Magnolia is looking to make Patty’s life hell after seeing her and Brick kiss at the dog wash, but the couple tries to play it off like nothing is going on anyway. And then there’s a whole storyline with Christian and Magnolia pretending to date after Patty sets them up, just to make Patty and Brick jealous.

Nonnie has had some decent character development as she navigates the idea of being a lesbian and even gets hit on by Dee. It’s a shame that she is such a background character because honestly, she seems like the most real character with actual problems in her life. Nonnie is finally realizing that she is in love with Patty and kisses her, but when Patty pulls back, things seemingly shatter between them.

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Prior to Patty’s baptism, annoying Dixie gets Patty high on drugs and after a series of hallucinations, Patty ends up dumping Brick and opts to go off with Christian. So much for that sex date, huh?