Trial & Error season 2, episode 7 and 8 recap: Reed or Peck?


Trial & Error drops a major bomb and sees Josh become East Peck’s least favorite person again.

The opening to this week’s episodes has the cast look back on where they were when the Jesse Ray Beaumont case originally took place. However, Trial & Error makes a more shocking reveal than the fact that East Peck had a school year last only one week. Yes, it turns out the history between the Reeds and the Pecks might be a little more complicated than just “lifelong enemies”. Will Dwayne abandon his Reed roots to embrace the posher ones with the Pecks?

1. Dwayne was one of the most popular tenth graders in East Peck

Why was he such a beloved student? Dwayne apparently hit his stride in his third attempt to pass tenth grade, he had just turned twenty-one years old. It’s always fun to find out more about Dwayne’s life.

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2. Carol-Anne isn’t going to show Josh any leniency

In court, Josh attempts to use her pregnancy to gain some favor but she gets the last laugh. When he asks for bail to be set at a more reasonable price than one million dollars, she offers a reasonable compromise. Jesse Ray can have a one hundred dollar bail if Josh agrees to house him during the trial. Carol-Anne once again proves that she won’t be toyed with when it comes to winning. Naturally, Jesse Ray finds himself back in prison only moments later.

3. Dr. Rock n’ Law might not have been the best defense attorney

Josh and the gang go to talk to Jesse Ray’s original lawyer, Dr. Rock n’ Law to learn he doesn’t actually remember much of anything. Turns out the esteemed lawyer is also a hard-smoking rock musician who had a nine joint drive to work every day. While his most popular album, Guilty As Charged, only got half a star (zero stars if he was serious), it turns out that all of the case files have been composed as songs on the soundtrack.

4. “Family tree, family tree, I’ll kill you if you talk about the family tree”

Turns out one of the songs on Dr. Rock n’ Law’s album, Family Tree, actually ends up helping the case. A stoned Anne and Dwayne begin singing when Josh begins investigating the timber rights to Peck gardens. Why would Chet be fighting with Lavinia about the family tree? It turns out Lavinia has a secret brother which her brother knew about.

5. Who is Trig Peck?

The East Peck records show there’s a younger Peck sibling who no one knows about. While everyone assumes Trig Peck is Lavinia’s younger brother, it turns out that’s her illegitimate child. Chet knew about the scandal and threatened to blackmail his sister. Who’s the child? Turns out it’s Dwayne!

TRIAL & ERROR: LADY, KILLER — “A Family Affair” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Jayma Mays as Carol Anne Keane, Kristin Chenoweth as Lavinia Peck-Foster — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

6. Lavinia throws her support behind Carol-Anne

Even though Carol-Anne has her reservations about Lavinia’s character, it doesn’t stop her from accepting an endorsement. When Josh points out that it’s wrong of her to take Lavinia’s support knowing that she murdered someone, Carol-Anne bites back. Yes, it might not be noble but it’s no better than Josh risking Jesse Ray’s life just clean his own conscious.

7. “She had a giant box”

Dr. Rock n’ Law strikes again! Jesse Ray has a key in him (yes, in him) which opened a secret box. Yes, Chet gave him a “giant box” which was big enough to fit seven rocks. Unfortunately, Jesse Ray was arrested before he could open it and it now sits in a pond. The tape confirms Lavinia’s affair with Dwayne’s dad, A Reid (pronounced “Uh”), which would have sullied the family name. However, she reveals to Josh that she flew out of town the night before Chet’s death and has the passport to prove it.

8. Josh might be defending another killer

Yes, Josh’s instincts might be a little bit rusty. Yes, he’s learned that Lavinia was out of the country, therefore, couldn’t have murdered Chet. So to make up for once again misjudging her, Josh has Jesse Ray’s bail posted. Their living situation is, uh, less than ideal.

9. Carol-Anne is on bed rest

During her press conference, the assistant district attorney ended up going into labor. However she “fought” it off and is now on bed rest. Carol-Anne goes to court in her bed and still manages to take down Josh. She alleges Jesse Ray had a sexual relationship with Chet and was blackmailing him. Some unfortunate wording definitely makes it appear like this is true. So yes, the Beaumont case is officially going back to court.

10. Call her “Baby Mama”

Yes, Dwayne embraces his potential Peck heritage in Trial & Error by wearing “big boy shoes”, showering, and using big words. Lavinia admits its possible that he’s her son, but isn’t quite ready to welcome him to the family. As she points out, he’d be the tallest Peck in the family. Dwayne’s desperate to bond with her and agrees to call her “Baby Mama” to avoid any embarrassment. Unfortunately, it also leads him to go to brunch with her and avoid his friends. Lavinia takes advantage of his desperation to take pictures of the murder board while singing.

11. Mr. Boom reveals some explosive information

Town daredevil, Mr. Boom, is the only other person in East Peck who trusts Jesse Ray Beaumont. He claims that Jesse Ray wouldn’t accept the money and that he didn’t trust banks. Mr. Boom claims the passbook is a fake but Forge Clooney, the local forger, claims it’s not.

12. No we Kean’t!

After discovering the passbook is real, Josh quickly tries to get a plea deal for his client. Labor hasn’t changed Carol-Anne’s stance though and she firmly tells him she won’t play ball. Jesse Ray is so angry that he fires Josh on the spot.

TRIAL & ERROR: LADY, KILLER — “Bad Instincts” Episode 208 — Pictured: (l-r) Amanda Payton as Nina Rudolph, Nicholas D’Agosto as Josh Segal — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

13. Is Josh moving on?

After getting fired for the first time in his life, he goes to Nina for support. She infuses him with confidence and encourages him to keep fighting for Jesse Ray. Even though Lavinia steals evidence from the defense and Josh doesn’t get twenty thousand dollars, he still chooses to return to the case. However, he returns back to the courtroom and ends up spooning with Carol-Anne Kean.

14. Lavinia’s seems to finally break

She dotes on Dwayne for a while near the end of this week’s second episode of Trial & Error, but eventually claims he’s not a Peck. The news devastates him but it’s not clear if she’s telling the truth or is just in denial. Nevertheless, she does tell him that she plans to leave the country and asks for help with her bags. Looks like Lavinia is guilty of something so horrible that she doesn’t care what fleeing will do to her reputation.

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15. Mickey Moose strikes again!

Turns out Mickey Moose didn’t see his breath that year and there was no Saturday on the day Lavinia allegedly skipped town. Which means Forge Clooney created a fake passport for her which gave her the perfect alibi. The team and Nina won’t get to celebrate for long though because Lavinia gave Dwayne a tie clip with a bug in it.

What did you think of this week’s episodes of Trial & Error? What are you hoping to see in the final two episodes? Tell us in the comments below!