The Affair: Departed star Ruth Wilson comments on her character’s story arc


Spoiler Alert! If you’re not caught up on The Affair, there are spoilers ahead for the show’s August 5 episode.

Since Ruth Wilson’s character Alison died unexpectedly on the August 5 episode of The Affair, there has been much speculation about the reasons behind the actor’s abrupt exit from the show.

Now, Wilson has added further fuel to the fire by commenting on her character’s story line in an interview with Vulture at the premiere for her upcoming film The Little Stranger. Wilson indicated she had no control over how her character’s story ended, but if she had things might have been different. She explained,

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"No, I had no say over how the character’s arc was going to end, or how she would die and leave. I always hoped that she would … I always had the image that she would walk into the sunset with her son with no man. That’s what I hoped for her. But no."

Earlier it was reported that both Wilson and The Affair creator Sarah Treem said that it was Wilson’s decision to leave the show before its fifth and final season.

However, Wilson has been tight-lipped about the reasons behind the decision. She intimated to Gayle King in an interview on CBS This Morning that although she wanted out of the show, she wasn’t “allowed to talk about why.”

King speculated her exit might have something to do with the disparity between what she and her co-star Dominic West were paid for the series — a topic she commented on in a prior interview. But Wilson said she had not “complained to Showtime about pay parity.”

In addition, Showtime released a statement claiming Wilson’s decision to leave was mutual and made on the creative grounds that “the character’s story had run its course.”

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Of course, we may never know why Wilson left the series at this juncture. Actors rarely have a major say over their story arcs,  so it’s not particularly surprising that Wilson and the writers had different ideas about the best ending for her character.

In the end, though, Wilson’s opinions about her character’s story likely had little to do with the reasons behind her exit, given the decision to leave must have been made far in advance of when the script for the August 5 episode was written.

What are your thoughts on Ruth Wilson’s exit from The Affair and her character’s death? Share your opinions in the comments.