Ballers season 4, episode 3 recap: ‘This Is Not Our World’


After last week’s Parker debacle, Joe and Spencer deal with a whole new Lance problem on Ballers.

This week on Ballers Lance pushes the boundaries when he spends over a million dollars on a skate park video. Let’s just say that Spencer was not happy with this extravagant budget that Lance gave himself, and it makes for some intense confrontations in this week’s episode. While Lance may do what he does brilliantly, Spencer doesn’t feel that it gives him the authority to hemorrhage money the way he is.

Thanks to some detective work by Joe, they get their hand on the budget sheet for the skate park video which reveals just how much Lance decided to spend. To make matters worse, Lance feels he has a right over what goes on, but as he comes to find out by the end of the episode–he sure doesn’t.

Vernon and Reggie head to sunny California because Vernon’s high school is retiring his old number. But when they arrive, they realize that the school is in a bad state, and in desperate need of money. The principal does not hesitate to stress how dire their needs are, and he proves his point when Vernon breaks a desk when he goes to sit down in it.

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Vernon originally offers to donate $5,000 to the school but later during the ceremony, Reggie tells him to donate a bit more. A bit more was misinterpreted by Vernon who, during his ceremony speech, states he will donate a million dollars to the school. It’s safe to say Reggie is pissed about this decision, and Vernon may come to regret it.

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Ricky takes the field during practice for the Rams as Charles watches over to see how he matches up against the other players on the team. Ricky’s baby mama still has no idea that Ricky is planning to come out of retirement, and when he returns home for the day, she is suspicious of him. She seems pretty aware that something is afoot, so it’s a matter of time before she finds out the truth and all hell breaks loose.

Jason learns that his girl once slept with Tiger Woods, and argues with her about it. Her response is “duh” and we along with Jason are fairly perplexed as to why she’d respond that way. But the two kiss and make up pretty quick, and even say “I love you” for the first time.

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Spencer and Joe decide to pay Lance a visit and learn upon arriving at his house that he is throwing a lavish party, presumably with their money. What makes matters worse is Lance didn’t even put them on the guest list, but that definitely wasn’t going to stop Spencer.

The two get pretty heated as Spencer brings up the budget issue once again, and Lance all but tells him to go screw himself because they didn’t buy him with the company. Spencer makes sure he feels the pain when he steps on Lance’s foot and fires him from the company.

What repercussions will this hold next week on Ballers? We can’t wait to find out.