Ballers season 4, episode 2 recap: ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Obama?’


Last week on Ballers, Spencer agreed to branch out in extreme sports and surfing while Ricky tried to get back into the NFL despite his past injuries.

This week’s episode of Ballers starts with Spencer and Reggie on the phone, and Ricky is making fun of Spencer for going into surfing. He then heads in and Lance is having a meltdown because the surfer star Parker is missing.

Lance said that Coca-Cola has worked out a deal with Parker for merchandising and he can’t get in touch with him. Spencer said that he is good at dealing with delinquent people.

Now, the story moves to Ricky and his baby mama moving into their new house. Jason called again, and after Ricky lies and said that it is Spencer again, and he suggests a chance to play for Charles and the Los Angeles Rams. Ricky is worried because of the mess that went down in Miami, but he agrees to take the chance.

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Spencer is in his car when he gets a phone call from Jada – the mother of the high school football star Jason wanted Spencer to help give advice to (Quincy). She said that she appreciates him setting aside time to talk to her and they agree to meet that night for drinks and dinner.

Spencer promises that he will steer clear of the high school player to keep from getting in trouble.

Back to Jason, he is at a golf range and he is being emasculated by his girlfriend when his phone rings and Charles returns his call. Jason pitches Charles the chance to sign Ricky. Charles doesn’t like the idea because Ricky screwed him over before. Charles said he will think about it.

Charles tells his assistant that he is not even considering signing Ricky.

Spencer shows up and decides that they need to be sneaky when approaching Parker. They agree to have a drink or smoke with him.

Back to Ricky and they are at a jewelry shop and that is when Ricky said that he doesn’t have much of a chance to play with Charles and has a better chance of playing with Belichick again. They are there to buy a watch to send to Charles as a gift.

Back to Spencer where they take a hit of whatever Parker is smoking. Spencer asks what the problem is with Lance and Parker said that Lancer is a weasel and is only out for himself. When Joe said that is harsh because Lance got him the coke contract, that is when Parker shows what the ad lackeys turned the campaign into.

The new campaign has Lance in a suit and he said that they darkened his skin color to make him a “black surfer” instead of a “great surfer.” Lance said he doesn’t want to be Obama, which blew Joe’s mind. Joe is very stoned by this time and Spencer said that Parker should do what feels right.

Back to Charles, and he is having a meeting with the Rams’ coaches about the upcoming season. He tells them that he wants them to be different and talks about values. He said that he likes them defensively, but he wants to get Jared Goff a “security blanket” like a Jason Witten and a possession receiver like Doug Baldwin. One of the coaches said that they should look at Ricky Jerret.

Charles heard this, and it knocked him back as he started offering up lesser names. The coaches want to invite him to try out.

Spencer is back at the base of operations to meet with some Coca Cola business people, but Joe is still very stoned. That is when Lance came in to join the meeting. Spencer said that Parker’s image was manipulated, and he felt that they are selling Parker based on his race.

Spencer said they will change the skin tone back to the original color or Parker won’t show up.

Lance and Spencer said that all he cares about is doing the right thing. Lance said they will lose $3 million if Parker doesn’t show up. Lance said the world has changed and Spencer said that the world hasn’t changed enough if you look at that poster.

Spencer is then meeting Jada for drinks and dinner. Jada said he wants her son to go to a college that “checks all the boxes.” Spencer said that the NCAA isn’t looking out for the kids and it is up to the parents to watch out for the kids. Spencer said that Quincy will define whatever institution he attends.

Jada asks Spencer to talk to Quincy, but he can’t due to the NFL rules of his business.

Ricky is at home and Charles shows up. He asks how Ricky’s head is feeling lately and offers him a shot to play with him at the Los Angeles Rams. Charles said that he needs to see Ricky work out for him, which is something that didn’t make Ricky happy. Charles walked out, and no deal was made.

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At the Surf Classic, everyone is waiting for Parker to show up and Spencer said that they will let their guys make their own choices. Parker showed up and tuned in a spectacular performance. The fans loved him, and Parker won first place.

After he won, Parker won the medal and then raised his fist in a salute, which caused others to lift their fists. Coca Cola’s representatives left angry and Spencer asked Lance if he was “black enough” now.