Queen Fur to feature Kim Dickens in lead role


Sony Pictures TV and Showtime are teaming up with writer Eileen Myers for a new drama pilot for a series titled Queen Fur. Mixing beauty pageants, gun stores, and Cuban revolutionaries all in one place, the Central Florida based drama series is taking shape.

Everyone’s favorite chef from Treme, Kim Dickens, will be starring alongside Lily Mae Harrington in Showtime’s new drama Queen Fur. Other series regulars already signed include Michael Mosley (Seven Seconds), Jon Foster (Like Father), Joshua Mikel (The Walking Dead), Keith Machekanyanga (Timeless) and Spencer Howell (Ithaca).

Eileen Myers, also of Masters of Sex fame, is credited as creator, writer, and executive producer on the Queen Fur pilot project. Queen Fur is set in Central Florida and focuses on the culture of beauty pageants and guns. Cuban revolutionaries will make at least a few appearances, with Southern hospitality and charm the antidotes and lubricants for cooperation and chaos.

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The catalyst character of Queen Fur will be Macy Dunleavy, played by Harrington, who is an unapologetic high school dropout finding her way through womanhood and opportunity. Dickens will play Macy’s mom, a former local beauty queen trying her best to guide her daughter through the gator invested post-pageant scene.

Mosley will play a local gun salesman named Todd. Mikel’s character is Ryan, an as yet undefined associate of Todd’s. Foster will play Rob, an ex-vet with PTSD type issues and Macy’s older brother. Machekanyanga will feature as Ralph, a petty crook who fancies himself an American opportunist.

Director Sian Heder (Orange Is the New Black) has been tapped to lead the pilot. Deb Spera (Army Wives) will also serve as an executive producer, along with Myers.

Dickens is a hot commodity, with a list of accomplishments coming before her Fear The Walking Dead role as Madison. Besides the wonderful Treme, Dickens has featured in Deadwood, House of Cards, Sons of Anarchy, and Gone Girl, among other awards winning productions. She is represented by Gersh.

As the mom of an aspiring beauty pageant contestant in Central Florida, Dickens has the looks and charm to pull off the former beauty queen role. With some guns, petty crooks, and no mention of a father figure in the press release, one can imagine Dickens’ character having to navigate quite a few obstacles to keep herself in the lifestyle she was once accustomed.

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Mosley and Mikel should pair up nicely to contrast whatever curveballs Foster and Machekanyanga serve up throughout the series. Foster’s character will be another layer of family and maternal care for Dickens’ character. Machekanyanga has all kinds of opportunity to take his character in different directions, for that’s the job description of a petty opportunist crook.

Watch this space for more on Queen Fur, including its eventually series premiere on Showtime.

Source: Deadline