Latest Fear the Walking Dead episode inspired by TWD episode


If some of the elements of the latest Fear the Walking Dead felt slightly familiar, that’s no coincidence.  

According to Fear the Walking Dead showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, it was inspired by ‘The Grove’, an old episode of The Walking Dead.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Goldberg stated

"“The two-character episodes are some of Andrew’s and my favorite ones because it really allows them to focus on the emotions and the characters and to put characters into situations where we can really just explore new textures to them. They’re in their own movies.”"

For those who missed it, last Sunday’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead “Close Your Eyes” had Alicia spending some time with none other than her brother’s killer, Charlie.  Viewers spent the hour wondering whether Alicia would show mercy to the young girl or coldly avenge Nick’s death.

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Given the character-driven nature of the episode as well as an uneasy forgiveness, it’s not hard to see how the writers took some notes from ‘The Grove.’   

For the fans who don’t keep up with the episode titles, ‘The Grove’ is one of the more famous episodes of The Walking Dead.  ‘The Grove’ takes place on the back end of season 4 after the prison was overrun and the surviving characters all got split up into their own little groups.  

This particular episode covered the grouping of Carol, Tyrese, baby Judith and the ill-fated sisters Lizzie and Mika.  The episode ended with Carol having to kill the very creepy Lizzie who had just murdered Mika. Carol would then later confess to killing Tyrese’s girlfriend, which Tyrese forgave her for.

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The Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 7th, the week after the September 30th season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.  

Should the writers use other episodes of The Walking Dead as inspiration?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.