Mayans MC season 1, episode 1 premiere recap: ‘Perro/OC’


Mayans MC is off to a strong start with “Perro/OC”.

EZ Reyes (J.D. Pardo) is riding down a desolate stretch of road along the border before we first see someone wearing the Mayans colors. At a dress shop acting as a front for drugs, a few club members are discussing the latest potential recruit (EZ) and how he might fare on Mayans MC.

On his way in he drives past the school he used to attend. Of course, this causes him to reflect on his own school days where it seems like he was quite happy. After passing the school he goes into the butcher shop owned by his father Felipe (Edward James Olmos). The two have an interesting relationship, as it seems his father not only knows about the Mayans but is in on something. EZ’s brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is also a full member of the Mayans.

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Later in the middle of the night on Mayans MC, a truck driving a couple of guys down the road is ambushed by another group and the two vehicles get into a gunfight. The truck is driven off the road and one of the men is held at gunpoint. The truck belongs to the Mayans and a cartel they are affiliated with and the rival group is raiding their stash. The rival gang winds up getting the drugs (which are kept in the colorfully sewn clothes seen earlier in the dress shop) and make a run for it. For good measure, they shoot the tires of the Mayans bikes so they can’t immediately follow.

After the truck leaves, the Mayans help get their fellow crew out of the truck as it catches fire. Just after they get everyone out the truck blows up. EZ is with them as it happens and can only watch as the entire truck goes up in flames.  The Mayans go back to the dress shop and reveal they lost over 2 million of the product. Their associate Miguel Galindo, the boss of the Galindo Cartel (Danny Pino) reveals that the rival gang must have a contact within the Mayans who is a traitor.

EZ chimes in with some canny observations about the rival gang and the Mayans are tasked with finding out what happened. The rival gang in question is the Samoas. After Galindo leaves, EZ is swiftly put in his place for speaking out of turn, regardless of what he knows. Afterward, they all go down an underground passage that leads to a massive subterranean tunnel, which is revealed to go under the border and leads into California. The men go in through Mexico and come out in California.

Upon their arrival, a Mayan who was wounded in the truck gunfight is promptly examined by a doctor. EZ steps outside and it’s morning. The scene is lively and full of people, a stark contrast to what is just a few miles away. While taking in the scene, EZ sees a kid stealing an ear of corn and being chased by the vendor. When the kid falls and gets caught, EZ steps in and pays for it. The kid’s mother sees it and thanks EZ, but she also chastises the kid by saying that he needs to be faster. From his demeanor, it’s a safe bet that EZ probably relates a lot to the kid on Mayans MC.

Later as he stands around reading a book he got from his father’s butcher’s shop, EZ witnesses law enforcement cracking down as his associates come out of a shop carrying a large black bag. Afterward, most of the crew get on their bikes and ride to a what seems like a scrap metal dealership. But the metal gate with the designs says that this is a gang clubhouse, complete with bar. While EZ and his group prepare to ride off from a local joint, EZ sees a local woman dressed neatly in a white suit. It’s EZ’s old girlfriend Emily (Sarah Bolger) who looks like she hasn’t done too bad for herself.

When EZ was in prison he was faced with doing 20 years and not surprisingly, she did not take it well. It also seems that he tried to push her away. Emily leaves, but as she does he sees what she left for him. Since it’s an ultrasound, it seems Emily was pregnant and EZ scream for her to come back, which she doesn’t. Despite seeing each other, the two don’t say a word and go on their respective ways. Since after EZ leaves Emily gazes at a young child in a mask, it’s a good guess that she had an abortion while EZ was in prison.

After EZ arrives at the clubhouse he is tasked with cleaning up a Mayan superior’s bike while all the other Mayans leave their phones outside and go into a meeting. The club members aren’t too sure what to do but know they need to do something about the Samoas and decide to ask some of their allies for assistance.

Back at the Reyes’ butcher shop, a customer comes in to make an order. But this isn’t any old order, as Felipe hides a drug parcel given to him by EZ along with the meat. The customer pays him like it was any order, but inside the 10 dollar bill is a note containing instructions about tonight.

The Mayans are confronting the Samoas in a graveyard and they want their stash back. Otherwise, there will be massive bloodshed for the Samoas. The Samoas respond in kind and the whole thing looks like a stalemate. But when walking away, the Mayans open fire and the end up taking out most of the Samoas there. When the remaining Samoas attempts to leave, the Mayans Sons of Anarchy allies led by Les Parker (Robert Patrick) block off his escape.

The wounded Samoas is then interrogated by Miguel Galindo (who is wearing a yellow raincoat). He reveals that their contact was some young woman who he doesn’t know the identity of. In response to having his product stolen, Miguel has the Samoas’ right arm chopped off. In response to losing the left as well, the Samoas reveals who took the stash; the Rebels. In response, Miguel takes off his raincoat and mentions he has to go to dinner with his family and leaves.

While the rest of the Mayans react accordingly, EZ is tasked with helping get rid of the Samoas’ body. While in the middle of it, he gets a call from his Dad that seems urgent. EZ calmly tells him he’ll be there soon. Miguel then goes to his mentioned dinner with family, who is none other than Emily with whom he has a son.

EZ goes back to the Reyes butcher shop and the two meet in the cooler with Felipe’s customer from earlier. The customer is a DEA agent who EZ is working with, giving information about the Mayans’ activities. Apparently, EZ killed a cop and went to jail, but he made some kind of deal in exchange to get out early. When the agent leaves, EZ apologies for dragging his father into his mess. His father responds understandingly about family loyalty on Mayans MC and that he should never apologize for needing a family.

While disposing of the dead Samoa’s body, Angel chats with his fellow Mayans and reveals that EZ knows they’re doing something else and Angel hates lying to his brother and EZ is smart. Meanwhile, the Mayans’ bigwigs also know something funny is going on and resolve to find out what it is.

Angel and his small group of Mayans go to a heavily armed camp in the middle of the desert where they find a bunch of people in masks led by a woman named Adelita (Carla Baratta). She immediately sees EZ isn’t a regular, but when Angel reveals that’s his brother Adelita thanks him for his help. She invites them in and they all talk.

Apparently, Adelita and her kids are the mentioned Rebels who have all suffered because of the Galindo cartel and the Mayans meeting with her are helping her bring down the cartel. It seems some of Adelita’s crew have been watching Miguel and his family all day, as the child who Emily saw earlier was wearing a mask just like one of Adelita’s gang. Adelita’s associates were also watching Emily and Miguel in the restaurant. While Emily and Miguel leave, Adelita’s associates receive a signal from her that means go ahead.

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So this means that Angel is the traitor Miguel was looking for and the black bag Angel’s crew was getting earlier was part of a plan. He goes onto say that there is no future with the Galindo cartel and this is the future on Mayans MC. Angel reveals that he knows now he needs EZ and his brother is the only person he can totally trust, but he won’t make EZ get involved unless he truly wants it. EZ agrees and helps dig a grave for the dead Samoan.

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