Mayans MC creator discusses how he cast lead JD Pardo


Mayans MC creator revealed how JD Pardo landed the part of the series lead–and to think it all started with a conversation.

Mayans MC was all the hype at San Diego Comic-Con this year and their panel revealed a lot of information regarding the Sons of Anarchy spin-off series. Creator Kurt Sutter spoke about how he ended up choosing JD Pardo for the series lead and the process through which he identified he’d be the man for the job.

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Sutter had an idea of what he was looking for in terms of character, but when he saw Pardo read with some of the other actors, something about him intrigued Sutter enough to broach the topic. Originally, Pardo was auditioning for another role but a one-on-one conversation had them discussing if Pardo could actually lead the series.

It would be a tremendous responsibility to undertake and Sutter made sure that he didn’t take the request he was taking to Pardo lightly. Pardo promised to give the role his all if he was to be offered it and the rest is basically history.

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Fans in attendance were able to watch the first 13 minutes of the Mayans MC pilot ahead of its September premiere. The sneak peek showed the Mayans prepping to head to Las Vegas on a drug run. Sutter also talked about the format of the series and how it will continue to follow one central character and explore the complex characters around him, as well as explore his relationships.

Mayans MC premieres on September 4th on FX!