The 15 most powerful Marvel Netflix characters, ranked weakest to strongest

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Bushmaster / Image by Netflix

6. Bushmaster

Bushmaster showed up in Luke Cage season 2 as one of the primary villains, arriving in Harlem with the idea that he wanted to become the new crime boss that would take down Luke Cage once and for all.

However, there is a lot more to Bushmaster than just another wannabe crime lord. John McIver watched his family die at the hands of Mama Mabel and the Stokes family and his primary goal when he arrived in Harlem was to kill Mariah Stokes — the last member of the Stokes family.

The fact that Luke Cage saved her was what made him an enemy to Bushmaster. The fact that Stokes actually was a villain made his story even more tragic and showed that Luke Cage didn’t always get it right in the end.

When Cage’s interference caused Stokes to kill the rest of Bushmaster’s family, the hero and villain had to team up and he still couldn’t get the revenge he sought.

His powers came from something called the Nightshade Enhancement, which gave him super strength, durability, speed and a healing factor.

Kilgrave on Jessica Jones / Image by Netflix

5. Kilgrave

Kilgrave is the scariest and arguably most evil villain to ever appear in the Marvel Netflix universe. Thanks to experimentation by his parents through the years, Kilgrave developed the power to control people’s minds at his will.

This not only made him dangerous but deadly as well. He started to use his powers for personal gain and chose to use his powers to give him whatever he wanted to make him happy.

When he met Jessica Jones, he fell in love and used his powers to make her his personal slave for several months, abusing her both mentally and physically by controlling her mind to do anything he wished.

When she escaped and tried to have him arrested, Kilgrave finally snapped. He gained more powers and started to destroy Jessica’s world before she finally got her ultimate revenge against him.

His power could give him anything he wanted in the world, but his problem was choosing the wrong target. He ended up so powerful that he still haunted Jones even after his death.