The 15 most powerful Marvel Netflix characters, ranked weakest to strongest

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Photo Credit: Jessica Jones/Netflix

4. Jessica Jones

Arguably, the best Marvel Netflix series since their inception was Jessica Jones. The key here was that the hero was a strong female and it never tried to make her anything more than what she was — creating the most realistic female superhero in movies or on TV.

Jones first season saw her battling her demons while also trying to overcome a man who had controlled her mind and wanted nothing more than to overcome his will over her. She moved on to become stronger, protecting those around her and becoming a superhero in her own right.

Jones’ powers involved superhuman strength, speed, durability and a healing factor. She can also possibly fly, but on the Marvel Netflix series, it is more like jumping and then falling than controlled flight.

She is not as strong as someone like Luke Cage, but her heart and will to succeed makes her someone who can win any fight if given half a chance.

Wilson Fisk on Daredevil / Image by Netflix

3. Wilson Fisk

Wilson Fisk has powers above his size and strength. As his character in the comics proved, Fisk is the Kingpin of Crime not only because he can impose his will on others but also because he has deep pockets and owns many people.

Before he went to jail at the end of Daredevil season 1, he owned police, judges and members of the media. He was ruthless and would kill anyone — even those in his own employ — but also showed a sense of respect to others around him.

Kingpin easily was one of the greatest villains in the MCU — movies or television — right up there with villains like Loki or Killmonger. He is a powerful villain that is almost unstoppable and — like the two mentioned MCU movie villains — believed he was the real hero.

Even in prison, Fisk was powerful and in The Punisher, he took control of the entire prison, becoming the Kingpin in there as well. However, to see his real power, keep an eye on Marvel Netflix because Fisk might have discovered Matt Murdoch is Daredevil and in the comics, that meant terrible things for the hero.