What we want to see in Jessica Jones season 2

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Jessica Jones season 2 is right around the corner after almost three years of waiting.

However, the critically acclaimed Netflix series has high expectations to meet after its excellent first season. While there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the show, there are plenty of things to hope for in the sophomore run. Whether it’s new characters or wrapping up storylines, Jessica Jones has a lot of questions to answers this season.

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10. The rise of “Nuke” 

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Will Simpson started out last season as a generally likable love interest to Trish before quickly spiraling into a drug-enhanced rage. After being defeated by Trish and Jessica, he gets dragged back to Dr. Kozlov’s experiment by an extraction team before anyone can question him.

It would be a shame not to see Wil Traval return as a villain next season, especially because of his connection to IGH. His pills and reference to his other army pals as “my boys,” has led many fans to believe he’s Jessica Jones‘ version of the Daredevil villain, Nuke. Considering the excitement for the popular villain to appear last year, it would be a missed opportunity for the show not to at least tie up his storyline with a definitive ending.

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9. Developing IGH 

What exactly is IGH up to? The shadow organization wasn’t introduced until the end of season 1, but it left the door open for a larger conspiracy. Jessica Jones is going to have to really develop the corporation as a serious bad guy to avoid the same problems that The Defenders had with “The Hand.” The only information revealed about the group is their ties to super-powered people: they financed Jessica’s medical bills and gave Simpson the combat enhancements.

Hopefully, the series chooses to take the time to establish them as an overarching villain rather than have Jessica take them down quickly in this upcoming season. Since IGH is also linked to Reva’s death and how Luke got his powers, it could also reunite the latter with Jessica in her pursuit to bring the organization down.