Iron Fist season 2, episode 4 recap: ‘Target: Iron Fist’


Colleen and Danny race to catch up with Davos throughout the fourth episode of Iron Fist.

“Target: Iron Fist” is centered around the danger of Danny’s lifestyle because he once again finds himself in Mary’s crosshairs. However, in the first episode, her target and objective were just to survey Danny’s movement. She has a new task now, which involves defeating the Iron Fist and handing him over to Davos.

Picking up from the events of the previous episode, “Target: Iron Fist” opens up with Danny guiltily recalling the failed peace talks. He thinks he jumped the gun and caused an all-out war between the different factions. Colleen interrupts his pity party to encourage the two speak with Mrs. Yang in hopes of reigniting negotiations.

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While Mrs. Yang security team regards the two with contempt, she does give them the benefit of the doubt. Danny thinks something else is going on, and he’s right. It turns out Mr. Yang didn’t die from Davos’ attack but actually suffered a stroke and is in the process of dying. Danny goes to speak with him and sees the bruising on his neck, which finally makes him realize Davos is up to no good. Before Mr. Yang dies, he does tell Danny to look for “Hancock 212”.

What exactly does that mean? Iron Fist gets a little help with this question in the form of Misty Knight. Her arrival is amusing because Danny and Colleen are like two teenagers who were just caught sneaking out by their mother. She drives the two home and demands some answers as to what went down with the Triad. Turns out, one of the men Danny beat up the night before was actually an undercover cop in the Tigers. Misty reveals “Hancock 212” refers to Hancock Transportation, a shipping company that would send containers to the docks. She politely asks Danny to stand down so the NYPD can handle it, to which Colleen agrees.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Iron Fist unless Danny was running headfirst into situations without thinking. He heads to the docks to find a trail of bodies Davos left behind and a very old corpse. Earlier in “Target: Iron Fist,” we see that the body is a former Iron Fist that gets his tattoo carved out of his chest by Davos. It’s a bit ironic to see the guy who’s been spouting off about honor these past two seasons so willingly deface a legendary member of K’un Lun.

Meanwhile, Joy is hanging out at Mary’s house trying to get answers. After nosing around her apartment, she finds a doctor’s note which confirms Mary has a disassociative identity disorder. Her artsy and friendly personality is the one who knows Danny and wants to protect him. However “Walker” has a strong disdain for this version of herself and promises to get the job done.

Unfortunately, this means taking Danny down. The fight scene is exciting, and it works as a showcase for Walker. She’s been studying Danny’s movements for months and knows how he fights. It’s the only way she can get the upper hand in this fight compared to the thugs he usually faces. That, and she knows that he won’t deign to hit her with his fist because he cares about the Mary personality he knows. So when he uses his fist to hit the ground, she’s able to dodge it. When he lights up again, she grabs his hand before any damage can be done. Basically, she’s definitely thrown into the running for the most creative fighter on Iron Fist.

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Mary drags an unconscious Danny to Davos, who’s been preparing a ceremony with the Crane sisters to steal the Iron Fist’s power. “Target: Iron Fist” ends before we see if it’s successful, but early trailers have already teased the rise of the Steel Serpent.

Elsewhere, Ward tries to make up with Joy. She doesn’t seem as dedicated to taking down her brother and former friend. Mainly, it seems like she’s hurting and this will make them feel how she does. Unlike Davos, Joy isn’t in this for the power or some birthright. She’s just grieving and angry right now, so she might carry some heavy guilt when this is all over.

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