Arrowverse finds its Lois Lane with Grimm actress Elizabeth Tulloch


The Arrowverse has finally found its Lois Lane!

Since getting announced, fans have intensely speculated who the Arrowverse would pick to take on the iconic reporter. The wait is finally over, with Deadline reporting former Grimm actress, Elizabeth Tulloch, has taken the role.

Earlier this year, The CW announced Lois Lane would be appearing in the epic Arrowverse crossover event. It’s unclear if Tulloch will be tapped to reprise the role throughout other episodes of the DC Universe on the network, such as Supergirl. In fact, the network has to confirm how many episodes of the crossover event she’ll appear in. However, fans have already begun hoping for a spin-off series centered around Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Lois Lane.

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Tulloch herself already has an impressive following since her time on NBC’s Grimm. The dark fantasy procedural chugged along for six seasons thanks to an extremely loyal and passionate fanbase. Now that she’s joining the Arrowverse, Tulloch is bound to become one of the most favored genre actresses this year.

She’ll have some big shoes to fill, with Amy Adams most recently taking on the character in the DC Comics films and Erica Durance arguably doing the best interpretation of Lois on Smallville. Undoubtedly, Tulloch will try to make the character her own and introduce a new version of Lois to Arrowverse viewers.

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While Clark Kent’s appearance in season two confirmed his relationship with Lois, it’s yet to be seen how far along it has progressed. In the comic books, Clark and Lois are currently married with a young son, Jon Kent. If her appearance is going to be limited like Superman’s on Supergirl, then it’s possible the Arrowverse creates the entire Super Family offscreen. However, if a spin-off is in the works, then the two of them will probably only be dating.

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