Wynonna Earp season 3, episode 9 recap: ‘Undo It’


Last week on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna and the team learned what Bulshar’s endgame is: He’s after the Garden of Eden — yes, THAT Garden of Eden — which is protected by the Ghost River Triangle.

This episode of Wynonna Earp ended with Wynonna and Doc agreeing to fight together, and then being abruptly interrupted when Bulshar blew some white powder at them.

As this episode of Wynonna Earp, ominously titled “Undo It,” begins, Waverly and Nicole are still trying to get Bulshar’s ring off Waverly’s finger. In the previous episode, she put it on and then superhero punched the zombie Constance Clootie across the barn. Since then, the ring won’t budge even though the pair have tried everything they can think of.

Waverly wants to just leave it on but Nicole is insistent that they keep trying to remove it. She goes to find some bolt cutters in the barn.

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The barn is where Wynonna and Doc happen to be too. Apparently, Charlie’s been forgotten as Wynonna and Doc are back at it. But, wait, what about Bulshar’s white dust?

Luckily for Nicole, she knocks before entering and avoids seeing anything she regrets before going back to the house. What she doesn’t notice is someone else is standing behind her.

In the barn, Wynonna and Doc have more than made up. Yet, as they get comfortable, a row of medieval-looking soldiers surround them with Bulshar in the middle.

When we next see Wynonna and Doc they’re fully clothed and taking a random walk through the woods. Doc holds a coffee mug as he pontificates about nature. Wynonna muses that they’re supposed to be stopping Bulshar but takes no action. Then something zaps her and she realizes something’s wrong.

The scene changes. Wynonna and Doc are taking a walk in the woods but they’re not alone. They’re following Bulshar’s weird soldiers. When the soldiers notice Wynonna’s awareness has returned, they try to force feed her something. Wynonna fights back.

When she turns around Bulshar is there. He’s impressed with Wynonna’s ability to resist his illusion. Wynonna gets ready to fight him, but Bulshar simply knocks her out again with a stronger hallucinogen.

Wynonna wakes up in a strange room on this episode of Wynonna Earp. After traipsing up and down stairs she finds herself in Doc’s bar where she’s promptly shot in the chest by an arrow.

When Wynonna wakes up again the arrow is gone. She’s in the basement of the bar and Doc is talking to her from a projection on a stack of crates. Doc tells her he can’t see her and he’s trapped in a place he can barely move. She goes to look for him.

Returning to the bar, she again gets shot by an arrow and revives in the basement. This happens once, Twice. Who knows how many times. Doc observes maybe the point of the whole thing is a pain, but Wynonna is still determined to find him.

Meanwhile, Nicole has taken Waverly to a jeweler to get Bulshar’s ring removed. The jeweler tries to cut through the ring but still no luck. Nicole is called away on police business to Kate’s place, so the pair takes off. They’re relieved to get away from the jeweler who seems way too enamored of the ring.

At Kate’s place, which is really Mercedes’s place, the duo is shocked to find Mercedes. She was in terrible shape after having her face stolen by one of the Clootie widows last season. But now she’s back home with at least a semblance of a face again after traveling the world trying to fix herself.

She’s desperately attempting to break into a locked safe. Nicole shoots it open and Mercedes is thrilled to see her wads of cash inside.

Mercedes’s celebration is interrupted when the jeweler comes by to see Waverly’s ring again. Turns out he’s a demon and he really wants the ring so he can pay fealty to Bulshar. He demands Waverly cut it off or he’ll kill Nicole and Mercedes.

Waverly lures him to her and then uses the ring to burn his face to a crisp. Yikes!

At the bar, Wynonna can’t figure out what she’s doing wrong. Suddenly, the floor starts to burn and Wynonna runs out of the room. The next room she finds herself in is at her house.

In reality, none of what Wynonna is experiencing is real. She’s been bound unconscious to a tree in the woods the whole time.

Bulshar observes her triumphant on Wynonna Earp. He declares his plans to make Wynonna watch as he enters the Garden, the world burns, and he enslaves humanity. Bulshar doesn’t follow this up with a maniacal laugh but he might as well.

Back in Wynonna and Doc’s illusion, a projection of Doc’s face on the fireplace tells Wynonna he can feel the vibrations above him when Wynonna walks around her house.

Wynonna realizes Doc is underneath the floorboards. Dirt is slowly trickling onto him burying him alive. Wynonna goes to get a crowbar in the barn so she can free him.

She finds Bobo there and shoots him with Peacemaker, which just knocks her back to the main house. Well, at least it’s an improvement over what was happening in the bar. However, like the bar, Wynonna kills Bobo over and over and Doc is getting closer and closer to being completely buried.

At Mercedes’s place, Waverly’s face-melting actions against the jeweler demon have her, Nicole, and Mercedes freaked. They all agree the ring needs to go. Waverly prepares to take drastic action by cutting her finger off. Mercedes stops her and gives her an oven mitt to put on her hand until they can figure out another solution.

Then, Jeremy calls Waverly with an emergency.

When she and Nicole meet him in the woods he shows them to a weird overgrown mound of tree roots. In the middle of it is a mesmerized and trapped Bobo.

In the illusion, Wynonna has decided to change her tactics on Bobo. Instead of shooting him she asks him for help beating Bulshar since he was one of the people who defeated him before. Bobo isn’t willing so they attack and kill each other.

Wynonna wakes up again in her house. Doc asks her to make one last attempt to save him.

At the same time, Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy free Bobo. He wakes up in the real world and informs them that Wynonna and Doc are still trapped in Bulshar’s illusion.

The trio realizes they need to search the woods to find Wynonna and Doc. As they leave Bobo, he realizes Waverly is wearing Bulshar’s ring. Except he doesn’t call it Bulshar’s ring. Instead, he says it’s Waverly’s father’s.

This time when Wynonna goes to the barn, to her surprise, Bobo is nowhere to be found. She exits the barn confused and finds Bulshar outside.

Bulshar tells her if Doc hadn’t resisted him when he tried to recruit him in episode 4 the whole trial could’ve been easier. He’s standing by a random door planted in the snow — the way out. Wynonna shoots Bulshar with Peacemaker but the bullets don’t seem to hit him.

He gloats (as much as someone who only speaks in a monotone can) that he created the revenants, they’re the only ones who Peacemaker impacts.

Bulshar wants Wynonna to hand over the gun. He can’t take it but he’s convinced she’ll give it to him willingly. Wynonna won’t give in to him though.

She returns to the house and breaks into the floorboards, freeing Doc. Doc is relieved and Wynonna os exhausted but Wynonna wants to take the fight to Bulshar. As she and Doc stagger out of the house, Bulshar tells them they’ve won and are free to go.

Wynonna tries Peacemaker on him again and he shatters into a million pieces. Wynonna and Doc open the door in the snow and, when they step through, find themselves back in the barn. Wynonna believes they did defeat Bulshar. She’s stoked to be out of the illusion and that Bulshar’s dead.  She hears Nicole knock and goes to answer the door.

But opening the door just knocks her to the beginning of the hallucination in the basement of Doc’s bar. Wynonna crumbles in defeat. Finally, she staggers up the stairs. When she opens the door, she finds herself at the Homestead with Bulshar.

Bulshar informs her that she can’t kill him. He can keep up the illusion forever. There’s no victory, only surrender. Wynonna refuses defeat. As Bulshar mocks her, Wynonna tells him Waverly’s looking for her.

Bulshar denies it but Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy are actually running through the forest searching for her. They find the staircase that Robin and Jeremy stumbled upon in episode 4 Jeremy understands now that these are the stairs to the Garden. Nicole starts to climb them but Jeremy stops her as Waverly finds Wynonna and Doc.

In the illusion, Bulshar is trying to convince Wynonna to give up Peacemaker. She realizes he needs the gun to get into the Garden.

Bulshar bombards Wynonna with her loved ones calling her for help. He promises he’ll let them all go if she hands over Peacemaker.

She does so just as Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy free her and Doc from their physical and mental prison.

Later, Wynonna confides to Waverly that Bulshar beat her. Waverly tries to be positive but Wynonna isn’t liking their odds against him anymore. At least things can’t get worse. Waverly points out that Bulshar’s ring is stuck to her hand. So that’s worse.

Waverly says they’ll take the fight to Bulshar at the stairs in the woods. Wynonna didn’t see any stairs when she was there, though. She speculates that maybe they can only be seen by the righteous.

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As this episode of Wynonna Earp ends, Mercedes peels off her bandages. Her face is completely intact. When Waverly touched her with the ring it must have healed her. Mercedes is delighted.

It was another episode of revelations. If Bulshar’s ring can not only defeat demons but heal when needed it may be a much bigger asset than the team realizes. We’ll see how that storyline continues to develop in next weeks’ Wynonna Earp.

Before then, if you need to catch up on the series’ third season you can read our recap of the eighth episode and stream the first nine on Syfy. And let us know what you thought of this installment of Wynonna Earp in the comments. See you next week, Earpers!