Veronica Mars: Kristen Bell officially confirms Hulu revival


It’s official marshmallows: Veronica Mars is coming back!

Kristen Bell took to Instagram to confirm the return of her beloved series, Veronica Mars. Hulu has officially ordered the revival to series, with Bell slated to return as the titular character. Variety is reporting the new season will comprise of eight episodes and will debut sometime in 2019.

Need a refresher? Luckily, all three seasons of Veronica Mars will also be coming to Hulu as well as the crowd-sourced feature film. For those who don’t remember, the movie actually proved just how popular and longstanding the series has been over time. When executive producer/creator Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell launched the Kickstarter, the campaign was able to make up six million dollars, which was four million more than they were hoping for.

The revival will see Bell’s Veronica still solving crime in Neptune. It’s been revealed the main mystery this season will involve spring breakers winding up dead. As per usual, the wealthy members of Neptune are more than happy to get rid of the riff-raff by turning the other way while teenagers and young adults get murdered. However, for the working class who depend on the money brought in through tourism, this is a much more personal matter.

Veronica will be brought into the fold by one of the deceased’s parents. This will probably give her plenty of opportunities to see some familiar faces. While Hulu hasn’t revealed which of the original cast will be returning, there was news a while back that contract negotiations were underway.

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Most of the main cast seems like they’d be available for at least guest appearances. It wouldn’t be Veronica Mars without seeing a couple of Dick’s (Ryan Hansen) antics or Veronica’s two best friends: Wallace and Mac. Of course, it would also be great to check in with Weevil, who didn’t end the movie in the best place. Finally, fans would probably riot if Jason Dohring’s Logan and Enrico Colatoni’s Keith don’t at least make an appearance.

Are you excited for Veronica Mars to return? Tell us in the comments below what you hope to see in the upcoming season?