Veronica Mars to be revived by Hulu with Kristen Bell returning


Get ready marshmallows! Hulu is reviving cult favorite series, Veronica Mars, with the original cast set to reprise their roles.

Rob Thomas’ beloved mystery drama is the one show that has defied expectations over time. Veronica Mars was the first show to run a successful fan-funded campaign which led to the series returning as a movie in 2014. Now the series is set to come back as a full-fledged show on Hulu with the network close to closing deals for the original cast.

However, the most exciting news is that Kristen Bell will be reprising her role as the beloved sleuth. While Bell is currently starring on NBC’s The Good Place, Deadline reports that she will be able to do both series. Over the years she has stated her love for both the show and the character as well as her other castmates. In fact, Bell has even gone as far as saying Veronica is the only character throughout her career which felt the most natural.

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Series creator, Rob Thomas, is also expected to be involved behind the scenes in some capacity. While Warner Brothers and Hulu declined to comment on his role, it’s safe to assume he’ll have some part in the revival. He’s been the series’ biggest supporter and since the movie, he’s done a Veronica Mars book as well as a web-series spin-off.

While a lot of revivals have crashed and burned quickly, like The X-Files or Prison BreakVeronica Mars is an example of a show with a lot of potential still. The original series followed the characters through high school and one year of college. However, the film flashed forward in time with Veronica as a lawyer whose drawn back into the detective lifestyle. Undoubtedly, the series can now follow her as an FBI agent, like the canceled season four was going to, or have her take over her father’s agency.

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As Hulu closes deals with returning cast members, fans will finally get to know who will be back for the revival. It wouldn’t be a show without Logan, Dick, Mac, Wallace, and Weevil but there are other characters fans will likely want to know about. Namely, will Piz, Duncan, or even Lily (in a flashback) make an appearance? Who will be the new characters? There are definitely plenty of things to get excited about.

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