Fear The Walking Dead’s new poster might remind you of Captain Marvel’s


Fear The Walking Dead is really hyping up Season 4’s newest villain, Martha (aka the Filthy Woman) and they’ve capitalized on the recent popularity of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie to do so.

Fear The Walking Dead  had a little bit of fun with their new villain recently, parodying the new Captain Marvel movie poster with a very similar poster of their own:

The original poster features Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) standing in between an open airplane hangar with the words “Higher, Further, Faster” displayed in the sky above her head. As you can see, Fear The Walking Dead gave Martha (Tonya Pinkins) their own version of the poster, featuring their new villain with her poking stick of death in hand and the words “Filthier, Farther, Meaner” instead of “Higher, Further, Faster”.

The word “Further” is crossed out, which plays on last episode’s events. A trucker wrote “further” instead of “farther” on one of their supply drop boxes. It’s then revealed that Martha was an English teacher before the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, she’s already lost her mind at this point and proceeds to poke her stick through the trucker woman’s neck. I hope we get to see more of Martha being a stickler for proper grammar. I think it would add some fun to her murderous rampage.

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Unlike Captain Marvel, who might end up saving the Avengers and the universe (if you follow the Marvel films), Martha is the villain of Fear The Walking Dead. Last weeks episode gave viewers a glimpse of why she’s so bitter toward other people, especially against those who help others. Her husband was injured in a car crash and plenty of cars came by and despite Martha’s pleas, no one helped them. It seemed a little forced, but nonetheless, it’s the backstory we have so far for this intriguing Fear The Walking Dead villain.

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“I don’t help,” she says, and she’s made that obviously clear as a montage of her murdering truckers soon plays on the screen.

Next week, it looks like Martha will be stalking after Alicia and Charlie. Only two episodes of Fear The Walking Dead remain this season, and while I doubt Martha makes it out alive, it’s clear we haven’t seen the last of the Filthy Woman.