Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 14 recap: ‘MM 54’


Fear The Walking Dead reveals the name and background of Filthy Woman as the group tries to face her wrath.

Fear The Walking Dead is nearing the end of its fourth season (can you believe it?!), and things are starting to look pretty darn hopeless. But first things first, we finally know a little bit more about the Filthy Woman, more specifically her name–Martha.

A flashback reveals that Martha once had a husband who died after the both of them got into a car accident which took his life. The Martha then was more hopeful and believed that someone would come around to help them. Unfortunately, no one ever did and her current attitude towards taking people down suddenly makes a whole lot of sense.

This incident stripped away Martha’s mental stability and made her view mankind from a completely different perspective. When she runs into a man named Stevie with the infamous “Take what you need” box, she did not hesitate to take his life. He became the first walker that she would keep by her side as she went on a killing spree.

We see how she eventually learns about Morgan, which is through the walkie-talkie she uses where Morgan’s voice is heard on the other end. In the present, Martha was last seen gunning down the group in their truck. Thankfully, no one dies from her vicious attempts but let’s just say that Al is extremely pissed off.

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Chaos ensues and Martha tries to use one of her walkers to attack June while Al is pushed back after approaching her SWAT van out of anger. Morgan, our knight in shining armor, tries to cool Martha down but she simply responds by saying that he has more potential than the rest of them.

He tries to appeal to her by saying he too was once stuck after losing his wife and son, but he pulled himself out, and she can too. She doesn’t have to succumb to the darkness of this world. Amidst all this, Wendell shoots Martha but she gets away, and it only ends up attracting all the walkers in the vicinity.

At this point in Fear The Walking Dead, everyone is injured and exhausted. Oh, and Alicia and Charlie come across the aftermath of the run-in with Martha and are now trying to deduce where the group might have gone.

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The group runs into a sign pointing towards a hospital but Jim is not convinced it would be the best place to go to. But given the horde of walkers headed their way, it might be their only option. Initially, Jim refuses to go along with the group but even he realizes that Morgan is the guy to follow in a situation like this, so he decides to go along.

Once inside the hospital, June tends to everyone’s wounds but there is just one slight problem. The hospital is surrounded by walkers trying to get in. Wendell reveals more about his background during the back half of the episode and tells everyone he ended up in a wheelchair when he pushed a kid out of the way from a car and ended up getting hit in the process.

The focus of the episode is heavily on how each one of these people tried to help others in the past but karma never came full circle for them. Even Alicia isn’t super into finding the group and would rather take Charlie to Galveston to see the beach.

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Things take a horrible turn back at the hospital when the walkers start to surround the group who is being backed into a corner with no way out. The groups split up and eventually ends up on the roof but where will they go from there?

Oh, and did I mention that Jim thought he was cut by the glass but June discovers he was actually bitten? This is turning out to be a hot mess for them and we have no idea how they’ll get out of it. But at least Charlie and Alicia seem to have found something that has them grinning ear-to-ear in the final moments of the episode.

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