AMC planning for another decade of The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead won’t be ending anytime soon.

For those of you that expected (or perhaps hoped) that The Walking Dead would end soon in the wake of Andrew Lincoln’s departure, you’re in for quite the surprise.  On the contrary, AMC plans to keep the franchise going for at least another decade, according to Hollywood Reporter.

AMC CEO Josh Sapan said the plans are to keep The Walking Dead going indefinitely.

The Walking Dead is a universe… and we have a plan to manage over the next decade, plus”   

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To be fair, this isn’t the first time the folks behind The Walking Dead have announced plans for a shall we say “ambitious” future for the brand.  Former showrunner and current Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple earlier this year stated his intentions to create multiple spinoffs in addition to the already existing Fear the Walking Dead.  

This kind of attitude would have made more sense when they were a TV ratings juggernaut but the last couple seasons have not been kind to it’s Nielson numbers.  While still a successful show by most standards, the fact remains that the show has been losing viewers left and right with no real sign of things improving anytime soon and the decline may not have even plateaued yet.  It’s sister show Fear the Walking Dead is faring no better.   

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At best, the show would spend the next decade limping along and coasting off the show’s hardcore fans until it’s eventual ending will feel more like a mercy than anything else not unlike Supernatural.  

Season 9 will premiere on AMC October 7th.

Do you think it’s a good idea to keep the show going for another decade?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.